Section I: International Affairs

Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization


Excess Mortality Associated with the Covid-19 Pandemic in Romania

Dalina-Maria ANDREI -pg. 2

Do European Funds Contribute to the Sustainable Development of Romania?

Gabriela-Diana BARAGHIN, Ioana BELEIU -pg. 12

Perspectives on the Development of Public Health System’s Infrastructure in the Context of PNRR’s Implementation

Patricia BOSTAN, Cristina LAZAR, Ionel BOSTAN -pg. 22

ESF Funding for the Development of Romanian Social Enterprises – Regional Distribution

Anamaria BUCACIUC, Gabriela PRELIPCEAN -pg. 32

Evaluating the Results regarding the Implementation of the Development Policies of the European Union

Oana Mirela COJOCARU (DIACONESCU) -pg. 38

Conceptual Research on the Organization of Local Public Administration in Romania and Republic of Moldova

Ion COZMA, Adrian Ioan TIRAU, Sorina Ancuta PUSCAS -pg. 49

State Aid Granted by the European Union for the Recovery of the HORECA Sector

Ioana Claudia DOBRE -pg. 55

The Influencing Factors of SMEs Participation in Public Procurement

Ecaterina Milica DOBROTA, Roxana SARBU, Silvius STANCIU -pg. 61

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Commission of White-Collar Crimes by Ordinary Individuals

Lev ELDAD BAR, Liviu George MAHA -pg. 70

Analysis Of Romania’s Trade Balance With Agri-Food Products

Nicolae ISTUDOR, Emilia GOGU, Irina-Elena PETRESCU, Mihai ISTUDOR -pg. 77

Comparative Analysis of the Degree of Food Security Assurance at Global Level

Nicolae ISTUDOR, Emilia GOGU, Irina-Elena PETRESCU, Cătălin Gheorghe ZEMELEAGA -pg. 87

Evolution of Business Ethics

Florina LEȚA (MIHAI) -pg. 95

Evaluating the Internationalization Process of Firms – Methods and Dimensions

Dumitru-Silviu MISTREANU, Liviu-George MAHA -pg. 101

Views on China’s International Economic Relations and the Key Dimensions in the Context of Economic Globalization

Bogdan MUNTEANU -pg. 106

Machine Learning Algorithms and PV Forecast for Off-Grid Prosumers Energy Management

Simona Vasilica OPREA, Adela BARA -pg. 117

Sustainable and Regional Development in European Union

Claudia PAU, Mihaela MARTIN, Razvan VADUVA -pg. 124

Good Governance Strategies and Pandemic Crisis Management

Claudia PAU, Mihaela MARTIN, Razvan VADUVA -pg. 133

Monitoring and Measuring Expenditure on Social Protection Benefits of Member States in the European Union

Ana SPINU, Ana-Maria ROMAN -pg. 143

An Analysis of Network Effects and the Financial Performance of Online Learning Platforms

Marian STAN, Mihai CIOBOTEA -pg. 149

The MSP Stakeholders’ Perception of Port and Coastal Protection Activity

Mari-Isabella STAN -pg. 157

An Analysis of the Municipal Waste Management of Romania and Bulgaria in the European Context

Mari-Isabella STAN -pg. 166

Analysis of Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Sustainable Regional Development – Result of European Funding in the CENTER Region-Romania

Nicoleta STELEA, Gavrila CALEFARIU -pg. 175

Understanding the Effects of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on the Global Economy

Vanina Adoriana TRIFAN, Kaur KOMALPREET -pg. 180


Section III: Economic and Social Studies


Adjusting and (Re)Adapting from Online to Face-to-Face Systems – A Case Study

Eleonora BACA -pg. 186

Group Work Strategies in ESP Classes


Eco-economy as a Concept of a New Model of National Economies Development

Alexei CHIRTOCA -pg. 197

Economic Beliefs in the Works of Simion Mehedinți

Sorinel COSMA -pg. 203

Dimitrie Cantemir’s Economic Perspectives

Sorinel COSMA -pg. 210

Features of the COVID-19 Crisis – Reflections of Economic and Financial Indicators

Adina CRISTE, Iulia LUPU -pg. 215

Assessing European Social Fund efficiency in Romania, A Linear Regression Model

Cristian DOGAR -pg. 224

An Analysis of the Economic and Social Factors Affecting Real Convergence in Romania

Otilia Georgiana FLOROIU -pg. 230

Choosing the Appropriate Regression from Nine Different Mathematical Models

Ovidiu GHERASIM -pg. 240

The Evolution of Inland Navigable Waterways and Maritime Ports in Romania

Alexandru HAIDUC, Stefania NICOARA, Olimpia NEAGU -pg. 248

Characteristics of the Youth Employment – Romania 2000 – 2020 Data

Dana ICHIM SOMOGYI -pg. 258

Recruitment Process’ Characteristics as Presented in the European Company Survey – European Union vs Romania 2019 Data

Dana ICHIM SOMOGYI -pg. 265

Forms of Tourism in Romania and Influencing Factors

Marian IONEL -pg. 271

Domestic Tourism and Romania’s International Tourism

Marian IONEL -pg. 276

Application of the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) in Sibiu County

Elena Manuela ISTOC, Mihaela Adina MATEESCU, Daniela Nicoleta BALEANU -pg. 281

Aspects of European Funding for the Energy Transition – Just Transition

Diana JOITA, Carmen-Elena DOBROTA -pg. 289

Destination Management Organizations in Romania: Important Steps Taken Recently for Their Operationalization

Ion Danut JUGANARU -pg. 298

The Recovery of Tourism and Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Romania’s Case. Recent Favorable Developments, but also Certain Concerns over the Perspectives

Ion Danut JUGANARU -pg. 309

The Role of Financial Indicators in Financial Communication

Georgiana Maria LUNGU -pg. 319

The Impact of Online Classes on Student Performance during the Pandemic Period of COVID 19 in Romania

Tatiana MARIAN (TUTUNARU) -pg. 325

The Impact of Online Classes on Teachers Performance during the Pandemic Period of COVID 19 in Romania

Tatiana MARIAN (TUTUNARU) -pg. 331

An Overview of Public Sector Performance in Europe

Lavinia MUSTEA -pg. 339

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Business Activities

Lavinia NADRAG -pg. 346

Public-Private Partnership and Economic Development Implication

Carmen NASTASE, Mariana LUPAN, Mihai POPESCU -pg. 351

IoT Technology Challenges for the Business Media from Suceava

Daniela Mihaela NEAMTU, Irina Stefana CIBOTARIU -pg. 361

Can Cyber Risk Affect Financial Stability?

Claudiu Ioan NEGREA -pg. 368

The Digital Leu Challenges and Possible Areas of Implementation

Claudiu Ioan NEGREA, Ela Mădălina SCARLAT -pg. 377

The Impact of Rising Oil Prices on Agricultural Products

Samuel NICOARA, Daniel MANATE -pg. 386

CSR and Environment: A Bibliometric Mapping

Ioana Bianca PATRINJAN (CAMPEAN) -pg. 390

Environmental Protection Network in the Context of COVID-19

Gabriela PICIU -pg. 400

Effects of Income Inequality on Economic Growth: the Case of the Republic of Moldova

Rodica PISICA -pg. 407

Improving the Organizational Resilience during COVID-19. An Analyis of the Romainan Banking Sector

Georgiana-Loredana SCHIPOR (FRECEA) -pg. 417

Using Digial Banking to Develop Organizational Resilience in Romania: Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions

Georgiana-Loredana SCHIPOR (FRECEA) -pg. 425

Bank Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Policy

Liviu SERBANESCU -pg. 431

Micro-prudential vs Macro-prudential Regulation

Liviu SERBANESCU -pg. 437

Features of Knowledge Management Implementation in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Adina Eleonora SPINU, Timone Silviu STANCIOIU, Vanina Adoriana TRIFAN -pg. 442

Impact of Green Economy on the Oil Prices and Production

Laurentiu-Mihai TĂNASE, Norina POPOVICI -pg. 451

A Perspective to Carbon Footprint in the Economic Justice Context

Adina TITEI -pg. 455

The Correlation between Inflation and Money Supply

Adina TITEI, Ramona Nicoleta DINU -pg. 460

Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan – a Set of Reforms and Investments for the Increase of the Nominal and Real Convergence

Iulian Nicolae VASILOIU -pg. 466

Perceptual Positions – The New Behaviour and ‘Map of Reality’ Generators in Business Communication

Cristina Mihaela ZAMFIR -pg. 473


Section IV: Marketing – Management


Achieving Business Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: The Case of Procter & Gamble

Gabriela ANDRISAN, Andra MODREANU -pg. 482

Creativity at the Heart of Learning

Roxana Maria ANGHEL BLIDARU -pg. 491

The Leadership of Primary School Principals and the Academic Success of Students

Roxana Maria ANGHEL BLIDARU -pg. 497

Perspectives in the Evolution of Human Resource Management in Multinational Organizations in Romania

Alina Madalina BELU, Ionela STANECI (DRINCEANU) -pg. 503

The Potential of Presumed Persons Interested in an Entrepreneurial Approach in the Tourism Sector

Razvan Dorin BURZ, Alexandru DUTA -pg. 511

Circular Economy Applied to the Automotive Industry

Stefan-Alexandru CATANA, Sorin-George TOMA, Catalin GRADINARU -pg. 516

Analyze the Trust Offered to Companies based on the Number of Followers on Instagram

Raluca-Giorgiana CHIVU (POPA), Ionut-Claudiu POPA, Bianca Cristiana VOICU -pg. 521

Solidarity versus Management in Local Public Administration in the Context of Spending Public Resources on Humanitarian Aid to Refugees in Ukraine

Marius Silviu CULEA, Angela Eliza MICU, Daniel CONSTANTIN -pg. 528

The Impact of the Employees’ Perception from the Educational Institutions in the Process of Organizational Change and the Implications of the Change on the Performance of the Organization

Elmira Cezarina DINA, Daniela Victoria POPESCU, Marian CAZACU -pg. 537

Romanian Students’ Perception of Cryptocurrency

Vladut FARAONEL, Alexandra Raluca JELEA, Mara MATCU -pg. 545

The Impact of HR Activities on Organizational Performance

Iulian GEORGESCU, Daniela Victoria POPESCU, Simona DUMITRIU -pg. 552

Evaluating the Implementation of an Integrated IT Solution for HRM on the Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Iulian GEORGESCU, Sorin TUDOR, Marian CAZACU -pg. 557

Role of Leadership in Modern International Organizations

Alin GOGLEA -pg. 562

Understanding the Effects of Leadership within the 2030 UN Agenda

Alin GOGLEA -pg. 568

Models of Participative Management that Can Be Applied in Romanian Public Institutions

Ioan GRAPINI, Cristina Maria ALBESCU (SANDA), Flaviu Casian FAUR -pg. 574

Helpful or not? A Review about the Role of Social Media in Higher Education Admission Campaigns.

Alexandru GRIGORAS -pg. 583

Brief Analysis of the Evolution of Female Employees in Recent Years. Research Using Mathematical Modelling

Constantin ILIE, Margareta ILIE -pg. 591

Brief Analysis of the Evolution of Female Employees in Recent Years. Research Using Visual Representation

Margareta ILIE, Constantin ILIE -pg. 598

Concerns Regarding the Orientation of Higher Education in Romania. Flexibility – A Current Requirement

Mariana JUGANARU -pg. 603

The Importance of Marketing Research in Shaping the Entrepreneurial Culture

Mariana JUGANARU, Andreea Alina SOLTANIUC -pg. 613

The Consumer of Social Media. An Intergenerational Approach

Adriana MANOLICA, Andreea-Maria SORODOC, Beniamin-Vladut FARAONEL -pg. 624

Using Virtual Assistants as Relationship Marketing Instruments

Dragos Florentin MARICIUC -pg. 634

Behavior of the Tourist Services Consumer. Specific and Perspective Elements in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Constantina-Alina MILOȘ (ILIE) -pg. 642

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Employees: An analysis of Romanian Post-Millennials’ Perceptions

Andra MODREANU, Gabriela Nicoleta ANDRISAN -pg. 651

Analyzing Consumer Behavior towards Purchasing Pharmaceutical Products Online

Ana-Maria NECULAI, Alexandra POPA, Luiza-Madalina CIMA -pg. 659

European Projects and Programs in Romania and in the South-West Oltenia Region

Irina Andreea PEGULESCU, Denisa Maria COJOACA (ALNITI), Ana Maria PREDILA -pg. 667

Difficulties and Opportunities Encountered in Promoting and Selling Agri-Food Products Online

Elisa PIRLEA, Mihai ANGHEL-BADESCU -pg. 676

Changes and Trends in Consumers` Behaviour and Online Purchasing: A Post-COVID-19 Analysis

Alexandra POPA, Elena Cerasela SPATARIU, Gabriela GHEORGHIU -pg. 685

Human Resources Management – A Process Adapted to 2022

Ionut-Claudiu POPA, Raluca-Giorgiana CHIVU (POPA), Florina FLOROIU (MIHAI) -pg. 693

Taxpayer Satisfaction in the Municipality Constanta and Its Perception of Integrity of Public Functionaries

Norina POPOVICI, Laurențiu-Mihai TANASE -pg. 702

The Role of Service Quality in Ensuring Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry

Cosmina Laura RAT, Maria METZ, Cristina TOADERE -pg. 708

Leaders Leading Networked Mentoring: A New Language of Leadership in the Era of Knowledge

Nurit ROZOLYO – BEN HAMOZEG, Adriana MANOLICA -pg. 716

The Service Sector in the Post – Pandemic Era

Adriana SCRIOSTEANU, Maria Magdalena CRIVEANU -pg. 726

Leadership Styles and Organizational Behavior

Carmen-Gabriela SECARA, Alina-Stefania STROE -pg. 732

The Influence of Management and Leadership on Performance at the Level of the School Organization

Ionela STANCA PETRUTA, Mariana Paraschiva OLARU (STAICU), Costinel Cristian MILITARU -pg. 741

The Role of Standards in Company Management

Anca-Cristina STANCIU -pg. 749

The Impact of Economic Drivers on Food Loss Management

Dimitrie STOICA, Angela-Eliza MICU, Maricica STOICA -pg. 753

Decoding the Lean Enterprise

Sorin-George TOMA, Stefan CATANA, Catalin GRADINARU -pg. 762

Taylorism and Ambidexterity – A Systemic Perspective on Integrating Exploration and Exploitation in Organizations

Raluca ZOLTAN, Romulus VANCEA -pg. 768


Section V: Finance and Accounting


Research regarding the Integration of the Sustainable Development’s Requirements within the Accounting Model at a Microeconomic Level

Maria-Madalina BOGEANU-POPA, Mariana MAN -pg. 777

Fiscal Optimization through the Acquisition of Intra Group Services

Marius BOITA, Gheorghe PRIBEANU, Ionela Mihaela MILUTIN -pg. 788

Funding Public Health Action Programs: Allocations, Budget Execution and Post-Audit Results at the Level of the First Pandemic Year

Patricia BOSTAN, Nicoleta ASALOS, Ionel BOSTAN -pg. 793

Approaching the Risk of Fraud in the Audit of European Projects

Nina Adriana BUICA, Costin Daniel AVRAM, Magdalena MIHAI -pg. 803

Financial Inclusion in Romania – A New Perspective

Alina Elena CERCHIA (IONASCU), Elena Cerasela SPATARIU, Gabriela GHEORGHIU -pg. 809

Non-Financial Reporting of Information within Companies. Case Study OMV Petrom

Ionela Cornelia CIOCA, Oana Raluca IVAN, Elena Daniela CRISAN -pg. 815

Budget of Revenues and Expenditures in Public Institutions

Marian CIONTESCU -pg. 825

Exercising Own Preventive Financial Control in Military Organizations

Narcis-Alexandru CORMAN, Carina-Bianca PATRINJAN -pg. 832

Early Warning Tools for Insolvency Prevention: Implementation in the Romanian Legal Framework

Corina Georgiana COSTEA (CIOROIU) -pg. 837

Scientific Contextualization of the Public Policy and Entrepreneurship Nexus

Florin COSTEA, Alexandra-Mădălina TARAN, Oana-Ramona LOBONT -pg. 844

Radiography of the Tax Inspection Activity in the Context of Contemporary Challenges

Andreea-Florentina CRACIUN, Raluca-Ioana RACATAIAN,
Nicoleta-Claudia MOLDOVAN -pg. 854

External Debt of Romania

Catalin DRAGOI -pg. 863

Importance of Fundamental Analysis in the Market Valuation of the Medical Sector. Evidence from a Developed Stock Market

Gabriel DRUTA, Laura Raisa MILOS -pg. 873

The Impact of Bank Credit to the Public and Private Sector on the Economic Growth in Albania

Klejda GABESHI -pg. 882

Recovery of Recyclable Waste – Taxation and Accounting Monograph in Romania

Teodor HADA, Iulia Cristina IUGA, Dorin WAINBERG -pg. 889

Challenges and Opportunities for Green Finance

Iulia LUPU, Adina CRISTE -pg. 895

The Liquidity and Indebtness Indicators in Evaluating Bankruptcy Risk Assessment and Insolvency Risk

Madalin-Mihai MOTOC -pg. 902

Structural and Profitability Indicators in Assessing the Risk of Bankruptcy

Madalin Mihai MOTOC -pg. 912

Study on Bank Interest Rates in the European Union

Irena MUNTEANU, Amelia Elena PETRICA -pg. 921

Aspects regarding the Instrumentalization of the Financing Systems in Accounting

Traian Cristin NICOLAE -pg. 928

Trends in the Development of Digitalized Paradigms of Accounting De-Construction

Traian Cristin NICOLAE -pg. 936

Analysis of Linkage Between Health Public Expenditures and Health Outcomes at the European Union Level

Beatrice Patricia OBERKNER, Marius Cristian MILOS -pg. 943

Crypto Currencies and Blockchain System


Evolutions and Trends on the Romanian Capital Market in the Post-Covid-19 Period


Study on the Organization and Implementation of the Internal Managerial Control System at the Level of Public Institutions

Carina-Bianca PATRINJAN, Narcis-Alexandru CORMAN -pg. 957

The Impact of the Global Pandemic Crisis on East and Central EU Stock Markets

Mitica PEPI -pg. 963

The Impact of Returns and Influence of Crypto Assets on Different Asset Classes

Andrei-Dragos POPESCU, Cristi Marcel SPULBAR -pg. 969

Modernization of Public Financial Reporting in the Republic of Moldova in Accordance with IPSAS

Tatiana RAILEAN -pg. 981

Transfer Pricing Rules: National and International Approach

Adrian Ioan TIRAU, Ion COZMA, Andreea MARIN PANTELESCU -pg. 993

Study on the Correlation of Capital Market and Macroeconomic Indicators of Romania

Anca Ioana TROTO (IACOB) -pg. 1002




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