From their first biannual publication in 2001, each edition from “Ovidius University Annals. Economic Sciences Series”, printed by Faculty of Economic Sciences from the same university, was and now remains, the result of the unceasing effort of the Editorial Board to gather together a collection of papers, both theoretical and practical, in the extremely vast and exciting domain of economic sciences, which approaches most diverse and interesting topics composed by the authors – specialists in the field after a careful scientific research activity.

On first years of setting up, respectively between 2002-2006, this journal file has got enriched yearly with a new edition, so that in 2007 to gain once more a biannual edition. On these last years, it has enjoyed an increased appreciation in the university and scientific world, both in country and abroad. It can be noticed a considerable increased number of those who have contributed towards enriching the scientific content of the journal, from young researchers, professional experts and local personalities or from abroad, with a great reputation in the economic field.

Although they were first printed in Romanian, starting with 2005 the publications of “Ovidius University Annals. Economic Sciences Series” have gathered works written in an international language (English, French, German, Russian), aiming to promote interdisciplinary and support the expression of visions or new ideas, as well as the positives experiences reflected by studies and their own researches, original synthesis, methodologies or case studies.

Since 2009, the two annual editions are written exclusively in English and their content is available online, the access being free.

The journal “Ovidius University Annals, Series: Economics” is recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research in Higher Education (CNCSIS) in B+ category, code 444