Section I: International Affairs

Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization

Intellectual Property versus Artificial Intelligence
Constantin ANECHITOAE -pg. 2

The National Maritime Border – The Border of the European Union
Constantin ANECHITOAE -pg. 7

Fostering Business Internationalization and Resilience for Business and Companies: Risks and Resilience in Globalization
Anis BENABED -pg. 13

Globalization and the Trending insights of Sustainable Business, Energy and Artificial intelligence for companies: Trends and Values
Anis BENABED, Andreea-Cristina BOERU -pg. 24

Transition of Medical Waste Management (MWM) from Romania to the Circular Economy Paradigm: Expectations and Objective Limits
Patricia BOSTAN, Cristina Mihaela LAZAR, Ionel BOSTAN -pg. 34

The Impact of Regional Development on the Environment
Florica BRASOVEANU -pg. 42

The Role of Legislation and Legal Institutions in Promoting Sustainable Development at the Regional Level
Florica BRASOVEANU -pg. 50

The Future of Blockchain Technology and its Application and Challenges with Regard to International Migration within the African Union
Charles CHATTA, Dikeledi Jacobeth WARLIMONT, Lebogang NAWA -pg. 58

Global Village, Different Customs
Alina COSTEA -pg. 64

Reflections on Croatia’s Accession to the Euro Area
Adina CRISTE, Iulia LUPU -pg. 70

Regional Development at the European Level: A Bibliometric Analysis from 2019 to 2023
Ionut Marius CROITORU, Cosmin Alexandru SPIRIDON, Geanin Georgian JURUBITA -pg. 77

Evolution of the Romanian Imports and Exports in 2022, the Year with the Highest Inflation
Claudia Ioana DOBRE -pg. 87

Financial Crisis Cyclicality in Europe under the US Financial Disturbances’ Impact. A Logical Framework
Cristina DRUMEA -pg. 91

Administration, Financing and Decentralization of the Schools System in Romania
Adriana Ioana FILIP (CROITORU), Mihaela Gabriela TODRICAN ROSCA, Romeo Aurelian CLINCIU -pg. 98

Researching Local Community Satisfaction in Mihai Viteazu Village
Adriana Ioana FILIP (CROITORU), Monica Ioana TOADER -pg. 107

Leap-Frogging the Competition through Blue Ocean Strategy: A Compelling Case for Small and Medium Enterprises
Gideon Simon GHAJIGA, Dikeledi Jacobeth WARLIMONT, Pius Shaun WARLIMONT -pg. 113

The Transition to a More Sustainable Business Model in Tourism. Sustainable Coastal Destinations Best Practices
Ion Danut JUGANARU, Bogdan PLETEA -pg. 122

Credibility and Convergence: Did Euroization Deliver for Montenegro?
Lara-Greta MERLING, Kevin M. CASHMAN -pg. 132

How Effective Was Assistance to the Vulnerable Countries During the Pandemic? Comparing the Debt Service Suspension Initiative and Special Drawing Rights
Lara-Greta MERLING, Kevin M. CASHMAN -pg. 138

The War Economy in the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict
Cristian MOSNIANU -pg. 146

A Framework for Implementing a Twin Peak Financial Regulatory Model: Institutional Logics Theoretical Perspect
Pumela MSWELI, Dexter L. RYNEVELDT -pg. 153

Voices of Women in Boards Count, Effective Participation Counts More: A Board Gender Diversity Theoretical Framework
Pumela MSWELI, Xoliswa Eugenia KULE -pg. 162

Exploring the Impact of Companies Profiles on Environmental Activities
Gabriela Iuliana PARASCHIV (GANEA) Mari-Isabella STAN -pg. 171

A Brief Survey Concerning Environmental Action: The Need for Collective Engagement
Gabriela Iuliana PARASCHIV (GANEA) Mari-Isabella STAN -pg. 182

Hate Crimes in Globalization Era. Good Practices in Analysing them in European Union Countries
Claudia Livia PAU, Mihaela MARTIN, Florenta Diana TANASE -pg. 192

Digitalization in Project Management
Irina Andreea PEGULESCU -pg. 200

Comparative Study Between the Development of the Call Center Industry in Romania’s Macroregions
Adrian POP -pg. 209

The Comparative Study of the Attractiveness of Eastern European Business Environments
Adrian POP -pg. 219

Machine Learning Diagnosis of Dengue Fever: A Cost-Effective Approach for Early Detection and Treatment
Hamzat SALAMI,Joy Eleojo EBEH, Yakubu Ojo AMINU -pg. 229

Social Responsibility in Retail Trade
Anca-Cristina STANCIU, Irena NICULITA -pg. 239

Transfer Pricing in the European Union Context
Laurentiu-Mihai TANASE, Irene-Ioana DRAGHICI, Norina POPOVICI -pg. 245


Section III: Economic and Social Studies


Creating a Narrative Arc for Business Communication Courses-Promoting Attention, Motivation and Meaningfulness
Eleonora BACA -pg. 250

The Public Employment Service – the “Catalyst” for Connecting Employers and the Unemployed in the Labour Market
Alic BIRCA -pg. 256

Overall Impact of Specific Regulations on the Statutory Auditor’s Behaviour
Angelica BUBOI (DANAILA) -pg. 265

Interviews in Business Communication

Project-Based Learning in ESP. Case Study Proposal in Economic Sciences

The Difference Between the Average Score at the National Assessment Examination and the Average Score in Lower Secondary School Cycle – A Comparative Analysis for Romania Between 2019-2022
Octavian CEBAN, Ionela-Roxana PETCU, Andreea MIRICA -pg. 290

Study on the Consumption and Demand of Organic Food Products
Monica CHELARU (GAIDARGI), Tudor Andrei HOLERGA, Catalin Gheorghe ZEMELEAGA -pg. 298

Pre-Pack Proceeding – A Hybrid and Derogatory Safeguard Tool. Member States’ Future Obligation of Integrating a New Mechanism in Their National Insolvency Law
Corina Georgiana CIOROIU, Daniel LIPARA -pg. 304

European Projects – Opportunities for Institutional Development of Education in Romania
Romeo-Aurelian CLINCIU -pg. 311

Assessing the Impact of Professional Development Programs on Employee Performance in Educational Settings
Romeo-Aurelian CLINCIU -pg. 319

Nicolae Suțu’s Economic Works: Relevance and Particularities
Sorinel COSMA -pg. 326

Traditional and Modern Aspects in Ion Ghica’s Economic Writings
Sorinel COSMA -pg. 331

Study on ESG Practices in Romanian Food Sector
Alexandra DANILA, Dorinela NANCU -pg. 337

The Juridical-Canonical Basis of the Management of Movable and Immovable Ecclesiastical Assets
Nicolae V. DURA, Catalina MITITELU -pg. 344

The Managerial Activity of the Central Executive Organisms of the Romanian Orthodox Church
Nicolae V. DURA, Catalina MITITELU -pg. 352

A Snapshot of Where We Are. A Gross Domestic Product Analysis Related to Household Energy Price Index in the European Union
Giorgiana Roxana ENE -pg. 360

Is Climate Policy Effectiveness Important for Country’s Competitiveness Among EU Member States?
Ion FRECAUTAN, Carmen NASTASE, Sergei GRISHUNIN -pg. 368

The Influence of Respondents’ Residence on their Perception of Sustainable Tourism Issues
Stefania Rodica HUBEL (ANGHEL), Elena CONDREA -pg. 378

Age and Perception: Exploring the Influence on Sustainable Tourism
Stefania Rodica HUBEL (ANGHEL), Elena CONDREA -pg. 388

Romania’s Tourism Market. Trends and Influencing Factors
Marian IONEL -pg. 397

Importance and Impact of Tourist Resources and Attractions on Tourist Destinations
Marian IONEL -pg. 402

Aspects of Gender Vulnerability in the Just Transition Process
Diana JOITA, Doru Claudiu DAMEAN -pg. 406

Ethics in Education: Exploring the Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Implementation
Florina LETA (MIHAI) Diane Paula Corina VANCEA -pg. 413

Comparative Analysis of Investor Communication Practices in Listed Companies
Georgiana Maria LUNGU, Costin Daniel AVRAM, Radu BALUNA -pg. 422

The Edupreneur: Empowering Education through Entrepreneurial Innovation
Carmen-Liliana MARUNTELU -pg. 432

Understanding Commodity Investments: Factor Analysis and Bibliometric Findings
Ionela MUNTEANU, Marioara MIREA -pg. 438

The Role of Phrasal Verbs in Business Communication
Lavinia NADRAG -pg. 444

EU Energy Plans between Energy Justice and Ethical Dilemmas. Expectations and Future Education
Florentina-Stefania NEAGU, Mihaela PURCARU, Marta TACHE -pg. 449

Harmonizing Hydrogen Colour Codes: Need for an Economic Policy Framework for a Global Hydrogen Market
Elena-Loredana OCENIC -pg. 458

Big Data Management and NoSQL Databases
Simona-Vasilica OPREA, Adela BARA, Niculae OPREA -pg. 466

Eco-Innovation in the Corporate Sustainability Process and the Entrepreneurs’ Vision: Implications and Opportunities for Sustainable Businesses in the Era of Climate Change
Tatiana PADURARU -pg. 476

Face-to-Face versus Online or Hybrid: How Students Perceive the Educational Framework
Ioana PLESCAU, Catalin DROB -pg. 488

The Gender Pay Gap: A Roadblock to Gender Equality and Sustainable Development
Mariana ROBU -pg. 496

Exploring the Wage Gap in the Republic of Moldova: A Vital Issue of Elder System
Mariana ROBU -pg. 505

Aspects of Digitalization within Caraș–Severin Local Communities
Florenta Diana TANASE, Mihaela MARTIN, Claudia Livia PAU -pg. 513

Considerations to Eco-Innovation and Its Relationship with Economic Growth
Adina TITEI -pg. 524

Knowledge Vulnerabilities: Definitions and Interpretations
Vlad-Mihai URSACHE -pg. 529

Understanding Customers’ Opinion Using Web Scraping and Natural Language Processing
Alin-Gabriel VADUVA, Simona-Vasilica OPREA, Dragos-Catalin BARBU -pg. 537

Romanian Agricultural Exports – Recent Trends and Performance Issues
Catalin Gheorghe ZEMELEAGA, Tudor Andrei HOLERGA, Monica CHELARU (GAIDARGI) -pg. 545


Section IV: Marketing – Management


Consumer Perception Research on Online Influencer Marketing: A Review of Key Findings and Implication
Ingrid-Georgeta APOSTOL, Giulia-Elena ZAHARIA -pg. 554

Employees’ Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals Approach
Florin-Aurelian BIRCHI, Laurentiu-Stelian MIHAI, Patricia Cristiana BORUZESCU -pg. 559

The Impact of Sports Activities on Young Critical Thinking
Patricia Cristiana BORUZESCU, Florin-Aurelian BIRCHI -pg. 565

Exploring Barriers to Adoption of AR Filters on Social Media
Elena BOSTANICA, Elena GOGA, Mihai ORZAN -pg. 570

Current Research Directions in Approaching the Effects Generated by Corruption and Political Risk on Competitiveness and Organizational Performance
Bianca Andreea CALIN -pg. 577

Increasing the Efficiency of the Enterprise Management Process (Case Study Termoelectrica JSCo)
Irina CALUGAREANU, Denis BUNDUCHI -pg. 586

Materialism Unwrapped: Examining the Values Promoted in Television Commercials for Games and Toys During the Holiday Season. A Content Analysis of December 2020 and 2021
Camelia COJAN -pg. 593

The Phenomenon of Resistance to Organizational Change in Companies of the Republic of Moldova under the Conditions of Industrialization 4.0
Irina DOROGAIA -pg. 602

Evaluating the Effects of Employee Recruitment and Selection Practices on the Organizational Change Process
Simona DUMITRIU, Andra-Nicoleta PLOSCARU, Ramona-Cristina GHITA -pg. 611

The Impact of New Technologies on the Future of Marketing: The Challenges of Adopting Artificial Intelligence-Generated Influencers in Marketing Strategy. Is the Romanian Market Ready for this Emerging Trend?
Iasmina-Iulia GRADINESCU, Elena BOSTANICA, Mihai ORZAN -pg. 617

Strategic Elements of Diversity Management in the Educational System – Case Study: CLIM
Ana-Alina ICHIM -pg. 621

Education 4.0. Between Generation Z and Industry 4.0 Needs
Constantin ILIE, Margareta ILIE -pg. 626

Entrepreneurship Trends. How the Future Looks Like
Margareta ILIE, Constantin ILIE -pg. 633

Marketing of Tourism Destinations in the Post-Covid Era – Challenges of the New Normal
Elena Manuela ISTOC, Mihaela Adina MATEESCU, Daniela Nicoleta BALEANU -pg. 641

Recent Evolutions and Trends in the Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Industry, before and after the COVID-19 Pandemic. The ROMEXPO Company’s Case (Romania)
Ion Danut JUGANARU -pg. 648

The Impact of Intelligent Virtual Assistants on Buying Behavior
Mariana JUGANARU, Daniela POPESCU, Sorina GIRBOVEANU -pg. 659

Investigating Jewellery Buying Behaviour During the Pandemic
Mariana JUGANARU, Daniela POPESCU, Felicia BALTA RUSU -pg. 668

Organizational Culture – Promoter of Technological Innovation and Sustainable Development||
Lacramioara MANSOUR, Elena Cerasela SPATARIU, Gabriela GHEORGHIU -pg. 678

Study on Measuring and Analysing the Quality of Road Freight Transport Service
Daniel METZ, Cristina Ionela TOADERE, Cosmina Laura RAT -pg. 688

The Impact of Major Crises on the Behaviour of the Consumer of Tourism Services – A Perspective on the Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis
Constantina –Alina MILOS (ILIE), Andreea-Daniela MORARU -pg. 696

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Strategic Tool: Impact on Stakeholder Perceptions and Organizational Performance. Case Study: The Pharma Industry
Gabriel Dumitru MIRCESCU -pg. 703

Exploring the Role of Leadership in Shaping Successful Strategic Management Practices
Gabriel Dumitru MIRCESCU -pg. 709

A New Perspective to Talent Management in Romanian Public Institution
Cristina MIRONESCU (HOLBAN) -pg. 716

Marketing Strategies Applied on the Romanian Pharmaceutical Market
Andreea Nicoleta NEACSU, Adriana TULBURE -pg. 723

Perceptions on the Managerial Competencies Needed in the Organization of Festivals: Case Study
Amalia Cristina NEDELCUT, Razvan Liviu NISTOR, Calin MOLDOVAN-TESELIOS -pg. 731

Influencer’s Authenticity from the Perspective of Generation Z Consumers
Iuliana OBREJA -pg. 742

Digitalization of Medical Services – A New Ally for Malpractice Risk Management
Larisa PATRU GRIGORIE, Corina Aurora BARBU, Ciprian Laurentiu PATRU -pg. 750

Analysis of the Influences of Professional Training and Personal Development Practices Exercised in the Change Process
Andra-Nicoleta PLOSCARU, Simona DUMITRIU, Iulian GEORGESCU -pg. 757

Commonalities and Dissimilarities in the Process of Innovation Management. A Comparable Perspective Based on Business Size
Ioana Maria POPESCU (IACOBESCU), Rodica PAMFILIE, Stelian OLARU -pg. 762

The Importance of Ethical Communication in the Medical System
Ana Maria PREDILA -pg. 768

Risk and Security Management for Accident Prevention
Daniela Corina ROTESCU, Cristinel Sorin SPINU, Ionut RIZA -pg. 772

The Relevance of the Correlation of Some Economic Variables for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Objectives at the Level of the European Union
Adriana SCRIOSTEANU, Maria Magdalena CRIVEANU -pg. 782

Improving the Management of Local Public Administration
Catalina SITNIKOV, Carmen Maria MIHALCEA, Sofia Mihaela ROMANESCU -pg. 787

Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Ergonomical Requirements at the Workplace
Ionela STANCA PETRUTA, Denisa Mihaela SULA, Liliana NICOLAE STEFAN -pg. 796

How to Manage HoReCa Food Waste by Using Digital Technologies?
Dimitrie STOICA, Angela-Eliza MICU, Maricica STOICA -pg. 805

The Evolution of the World’s Most Valuable Brands in the Period 2018-2023
Sorin-George TOMA -pg. 815

The Age of Agile Enterprises
Sorin-George TOMA -pg. 822

Study on Visual Identity Elements Used in the Coffee Market in the Digital Age
Adriana TULBURE, Andreea Nicoleta NEACSU -pg. 829

Adapting Organizational Culture Analysis Tools for SMEs: Application for Veterinary Clinics
Iulian VIERU, Irina Teodora MANOLESCU -pg. 838

Research Based on Secondary Data into the Influence of Colours on the Online Consumer’s Behaviour
Giulia-Elena ZAHARIA, Ingrid Georgeta APOSTOL -pg. 849


Section V: Finance and Accounting


Testing Population Health Security through a Correlative Economic Development Model
Valentin Marian ANTOHI, Nicoleta CRISTACHE -pg. 860

Pharma Sector under the Influence of the Parafiscal Mechanism: Clawback Tax
Nicoleta ASALOS, Costica ROMAN, Patricia BOSTAN -pg. 869

Orientation of Public Audit Missions to the IT Activity Carried out within the State Authorities/Entities
Nicoleta ASALOS, Ionel BOSTAN -pg. 876

The Dilemma of Financial Autonomy in the Management of Public Finances at the Level of Local Governments
Mohamed Mouloud BELAID, Yamina SOUDANI, Alina Iuliana TABIRCA -pg. 886

Accounting and Tax Specifics Regarding Cryptocurrency Trading at National and European Level
Ionela Cornelia CIOCA -pg. 896

Transfer Prices Report. Case Study in Romania
Alexandra DANILA, Gabriel MOCANU -pg. 902

The Stability of the Revenues to the Budget of the European Union
Irene-Ioana DRAGHICI, Laurentiu-Mihai TANASE, Norina POPOVICI -pg. 910

Analysis of the Sustainable Development of the Eastern European Countries from the Perspective of the Transition to the Green Economy
Costinela FORTEA, Monica Laura ZLATI, Ioana LAZARESCU -pg. 914

NEETS’ Perception on Financing an Entrepreneurial Endeavour
Silvia GHITA-MITRESCU, Ionut ANTOHI -pg. 923

Level of Financial Education in South-Eastern Europe
Alina Elena IONASCU, Alexandra POPA, Roxana Marcela ZAHARIA -pg. 932

The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Economic Growth in EU Countries
Iulia IUGA, Ruxandra LAZEA -pg. 940

Developments in Cryptocurrency Transactions and Implications for Audit and Accounting Activities
Flavius Valentin JAKUBOWICZ, Ionela MUNTEANU, Marioara MIREA -pg. 951

Improving Economic Efficiency of an Entity through Comprehensive Analysis of Receivables
Cristina Mihaela LAZAR, Svetlana MIHAILA, Violeta CODREAN -pg. 958

Accounting Informational System – Directions, Challenges, Risks and Opportunities
Lacramioara MANSOUR, Elena Cerasela SPATARIU, Gabriela GHEORGHIU -pg. 969

Exploratory Analysis of Assets Nonconformities in Financial Statements
Alina MATEI (CHIRIAC), Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ -pg. 978

A Bibliometric Analysis on Fraud in Accounting
Alina MATEI (CHIRIAC), Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ -pg. 986

Are Coins and Notes History in The US ?
Irena MUNTEANU, Valentina PUNGA -pg. 996

Bank Lending in Romania after the Covid 19 Pandemic
Irena MUNTEANU -pg. 1001

Possibilities of the Development of the Application of Financial Instruments in the Accounting Systems
Traian Cristin NICOLAE -pg. 1007

Reflections on the Effect of Massive Data on Digitalized Accounting Information
Traian Cristin NICOLAE -pg. 1014

Catalyzing Change: ESG Integration in the Global Economy for a Resilient and Responsible Future
Andreea Larisa OLTEANU (BURCA), Corina Aurora BARBU, Alexandra POPA -pg. 1022

ESG Reporting Standards in the Banking Sector: A Global Analysis
Andreea Larisa OLTEANU (BURCA), Alina Elena IONASCU, Roxana Marcela ZAHARIA -pg. 1032

Tax Pressure on People’s Incomes

Impact of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrency Markets

The Impact of Sustainability in Research-Development-Innovation Activity
Mircea-Iosif RUS -pg. 1053

Evaluating the Impact of Emerging Technologies on the ECB’s Mandate: Can the European Central Bank Use Distributed Ledger Technology and Digital Euro to Advance Financial Inclusion in Europe?
Cristina SBIRNECIU, Nicoleta Valentina FLOREA -pg. 1059

The Impact of Public Debt on Sustainable Development. The Romanian Case
Alin-Vasile STRACHINARU -pg. 1071

Quantifying Economic Performance: Forecasting in the Romanian Clothing Industry
Teodora Maria SUCIU -pg. 1083

Requirements for Audit Firms Regarding the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering
Sergiu SOIMU, Galina BADICU, Diana RENCHECI -pg. 1094

The Relationship Between the Environmental Tax Revenues and the Greenhouse Gas Emission in Romania
Liviu Andrei TOADER, Florentina CHITU, Dorel Mihai PARASCHIV -pg. 1103

Developments and Perspectives Regarding the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Banking System in Romania
Gabriela TRAILA -pg. 1112

Political Budget Cycles. Evidence from Romania
Adina TRANDAFIR -pg. 1123

A Brief Analysis on the Dynamic Effects of the Minimum Wage on the Economy in Romania
Mariana VLAD -pg. 1131

Analysis of Fulfillment of the Objectives for Sustainable Development in Romania
Razvan-Aurelian MUNTEANU -pg. 1141

The Competitiveness of the Romanian Agri-Food Sector in the Context of Sustainable Development
Irina-Elena PETRESCU, Mihai ISTUDOR, Razvan-Aurelian MUNTEANU, Alexandra NEDELCU – pg. 1149





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