Section I: International Affairs

  1. Ibrahim Ayoade ADEKUNLE, Anthony Emeka ELEKEOKWURI,Serifat Olukorede ONAYEMI Stability in Stock Market Prices and Monetary Policy in Nigeria; What Does the Empirics Say? – pg. 2
  2. Mustafa AL MAFRACHI, Hanaa ABED, Mohammed MOHAMMED Green Human Resources Management and Environmental Cooperation: A Case Study on Food Industries Sector in Iraq  – pg. 14
  3. Sorin Gabriel ANTON,Anca Elena AFLOAREI NUCU Saving the Job Creators in the Pandemic Context in Europe. The Role of Multilateral Development Banks – pg. 24
  4. Ion BOTESCU The Perpetuation of the Romanian Trade Balance Deficit – pg. 31
  5. Maria Alina CARATAȘ, Elena Cerasela SPĂTARIU,Raluca Andreea TRANDAFIR Embracing Uncertainty During the Crisis – pg. 38
  6. Maria Alina CARATAȘ, Elena Cerasela SPĂTARIU,Gabriela GHEORGHIU Does Covid-19 Threaten Global Democracy? – pg. 44
  7. Ifeoma Nwokolo CHINENYE, Ikechukwu Ogbuagu MATTHEW,Iwegbu ONYEBUCHI Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on the Global Economy: Demand and Supply Shocks  -pg.50
  8. Ionuț – Alexandru CIUCAN USA and Huawei, the Creation of a Technological Iron Curtain  – pg.61
  9. Otilia CRĂCIUN (RADU), Cristina Gabriela VASCIUC(SĂNDULESCU), Dumitru SĂNDULESCU Ecotourism in Panama – The Way to Increase the Tourism – pg. 66
  10. Gideon Simon GHAJIGA, Dikeledi Jacobeth WARLIMONT The Use of Blockchain Technology in Identity Storage and Management – pg. 71
  11. Cătălin GRĂDINARU, Sorin-George TOMA, Loredana Nicoleta ZAINEA Japanese versus German Supremacy in the Global Automotive Sector  – pg. 78
  12. Roberta-Laura JIANU (GALAV) Tourist Services – Important Driver of Performance in an Economy Having an Increasing Degree of Tertiarization  – pg. 84
  13. Florina POPA Elements Regarding the Presence of Foreign Direct Investments in Romania – Case Study 90
  14. Sorin-George TOMA, Cătălin GRĂDINARU Global Retailing: An American Business? – pg. 99


Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization

  1. Tiberiu Cristian AVRĂMESCU Assessments on the Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Economies of the Central and South-East European Union Countries – pg. 105
  2. Tiberiu Cristian AVRĂMESCU The Current State of Bioeconomy in Romania – pg. 113
  3. Daniela Lavinia BALASAN, Florin Marian BUHOCIU, Cristinel FERȚU Structure and Dynamics of Human Resources in the 2SE Region – pg. 121
  4. Bogdan BĂCANU Differentiation vs. Low Cost in Romania: the Covid Shock on Generic Strategies Theory – pg. 129
  5. Sorinel COSMA Liberalism and Economic Development in Interwar Romania – pg. 136
  6. Sorinel COSMA Stefan Zeletin’s View on Romania’s Economic Development – A Reinterpretation – pg. 140
  7. Procopie-Florin GUȘUL Current Global Trends in ICT Development: Disruptive Technologies, Smart City and Economic Impact – pg. 144
  8. Irina Geanina HARJA Programs, Theories and Principles – The Trinom of Sustainable Development – pg. 154
  9. Ana-Maria HOLOBIUC Real Convergence in the Euro Area. Are the New Member States Catching Up or Falling Behind ? – pg. 161
  10. Ștefania Rodica HUBEL (ANGHEL), Panait ANGHEL Ways to Capitalize on the Tourist Potential of Region 2 South-East – pg. 166
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  12. Ion Dănuț JUGĂNARU The Role and Contribution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Constanța to the Economic and Social Development of Dobrudja Region – pg. 180
  13. Cristina Mihaela LAZĂR,Ionel BOSTAN Blue Economy – Concept, Dimension and Advantages Brought to the Dobrudjan Area – pg. 189
  14. Gheorghe NEGOESCU The Profession of Economist – HORIZON 2040 – pg. 194
  15. Gheorghe NEGOESCU The Evolution Perspective of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Galați County after the Pandemic Crisis – pg. 198
  16. Daniela PANAIT (ZĂNESCU) The Auctioning of EU Allowances in the EU ETS under the Current Trading Period – pg. 203
  17. Gabriela Iuliana PARASCHIV (GANEA),Elena CONDREA,Valentina OLTEANU Biodegradable and Compostable Products – Essential Components for the Development of a Sustainable Bioeconomy – pg. 211
  18. Delia Mioara POPESCU, Liviu Dumitru HALIP, Monica COJOCARU Guidelines on Local Development Under Community Responsibility for Local Actors – pg. 219
  19. Anca Cristina STANCIU, Adina BURGHELEA (COCOȘ) Effects of Globalization on Trade During the Pandemic Period – pg. 226
  20. Alina VOICULEȚ, Laura PĂNOIU Food Crisis – Global Priority -pg. 232
  21. Lucia ZEKRA COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Economic Impact – pg. 237


Section III: Economic and Social Studies

  1.  Daniel AVRAM, Alina-Cerasela AVRAM Ecotourism in Puglia Region, Italy – A Competitive Advantage in the Current Context – pg. 246
  2. Eleonora BÂCĂ Teaching and Learning on the Edge of a Pandemic: Providing Continuity and Re-Building an Online Learning Community – pg. 252
  3. Camelia BEJAN Agent Nominals in the Written Assignments of Business Students – pg. 257
  4.  Claudiu George BOCEAN, Cătălina Soriana SITNIKOV, Anca Antoaneta VĂRZARU Impact of Tuberculosis Vaccination Policy (BCG) on Sars-Cov-2 Virulence and Potential Economic Effects – pg. 265
  5. Simona BRĂTĂȘANU (LUPU) Education of Young People in the Field of Entrepreneurship through Innovative Teaching Concepts, Prerequisite for the Growth of the Romanian Economy – pg. 270
  6. Simona BRĂTĂȘANU (LUPU) Solving the Social Problems of the Community through the Contribution of Social Entrepreneurship – pg. 277
  7. Diana Georgiana BUCĂTAR Measuring Economic Inequalities and Perspectives on their Evolution – pg. 283
  8. Mălina-Ionela BURLACU, Alexandru BÎRSAN Revenues, Expenses and Savings – Variables of Influence – pg. 289
  9. Alina-Ramona BUTNARIU Mechanisms of an Ubiquitous Power-Source in the Knowledge-based Economy: Innovation and Competitive Advantage in Companies – pg. 298
  10. Alina BUZARNA-TIHENEA (GĂLBEAZĂ) Intercultural Teaching in the ESP Classroom: Case Study Outline – pg. 306
  11. Sorin CALAFUS The Sources of Corporate Law – pg. 314
  12. Marian Magdalena CRIVEANU, Maria CRIVEANU Tourism Nowadays – Challenges and Opportunities – pg. 319
  13. Liviu Răzvan DRAGOMIR,Simona Luize UTUREANU The Role of Chaplains in Maritime Transport – pg. 325
  14. Liviu Răzvan DRAGOMIR,Simona Luize UTUREANU Influences of Religion in Fair Transport – pg. 331
  15. Cristina DRUMEA Work-related Stress and Subsequent Productivity in a Teleworking Environment Induced by Pandemic-related Confinement. Evidence from the Public Organizations – pg. 337
  16. Cristian Mihai ENACHI, Mihaela Claudia ENACHI Romania’s Economic Competitiveness – pg. 342
  17. Otilia Georgiana FLOROIU Euro Adoption in Romania: For or Against? – pg. 350
  18. Otilia Georgiana FLOROIU Nominal Convergence – Are We Getting Closer? – pg. 356
  19. Gabriela GHEORGHIU Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Romania – pg. 364
  20. Maria GIRIP,Daniela MĂRĂCINE, Lăcrămioara DRACEA Environmental Impact of Conventional Agriculture – pg. 372
  21. Maria GIRIP, Dorin MARTIN, Denisa RĂDULESCU Analytical Review of Tools Used in Investment Decision in Agriculture – pg. 382
  22. Dana ICHIM SOMOGYI The Educational Dimension of the Human Capital – pg. 390
  23. Marian IONEL Seaside Tourism in Romania – pg. 395
  24. Marian IONEL Analysis of the Tertiary Sector in Romania – pg. 402
  25. Maria-Cristina IORGULESCU Consumers’ Perception on Green Hotels – pg. 408
  26. Mihaela Adina MATEESCU,  Mihai Sabin MUSCALU, Daniela BALEANU Human Resource Dynamics in the Context of the Pandemic – pg. 415
  27. Mihaela Adina MATEESCU, Mihai Sabin MUSCALU, Daniela BALEANU Trends in Tourist Services in the Context of the Pandemic – pg. 422
  28. Darmen-Liliana MĂRUNȚELU,Cristina-Dana POPESCU Webquest – A Super Constructivist Learning Tool – pg. 429
  29. Daniela MIHAI, Smaranda TOMA The International Tourism and the COVID-19 Pandemic – Present and Perspectives – pg. 433
  30. Florentin Gabriel NANU Development of Entrepreneurial Law in the Global Economy – pg. 439
  31. Lavinia NĂDRAG How to Teach English for Economics. Case Study: Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Vocabulary – pg. 444
  32. Ionuț-Claudiu POPA,Alexandru BOSÎNCEANU Restarting the Air Transport Industry After Covid19 – An Economic Forecast – pg. 451
  33. Alina-Daniela POPESCU Essential Aspects of Blended Learning – pg. 457
  34. Cristina-Dana POPESCU,Carmen-Liliana MĂRUNȚELU The Characteristics of Human Behavior and the Types of Their Manifestation from the Perspective of Content Reframing – pg. 463
  35. Veronica POPOVICI,Alina-Lavinia POPOVICI Remote Work Revolution: Current Opportunities and Challenges for Organizations – pg. 468
  36. Elena-Maria PRADA Vulnerable Migration and Democracy Index in the European Union. A Panel Data Perspective – pg. 473
  37. Steluța RADU,Mihaela CONSTANDACHE,Liliana NICODIM The Impact of Flat and Mineral Water Consumption on the Quality of Life in Romania – pg. 479
  38. Steluța RADU,Mihaela CONSTANDACHE, Corina Aurora MARIN (BARBU) The Water Quality and Socio-Economic Impact on the Population – pg. 486
  39. Timeea-Alexandra SAVU (SIMIONESCU) The Impact of the Health Crisis on the Business Environment – pg. 492
  40. Timeea-Alexandra SAVU (SIMIONESCU) Entrepreneurial Decisions in Conditions of Uncertainty as a Result of the Health and Economic Crisis Caused by COVID 19 – pg. 496
  41. Cristiana Ioana ȘERBĂNEL Best Practices for Business Environment During COVID-19 – pg. 500
  42. Cristiana Ioana ȘERBĂNEL The Ripple Effect of COVID-19 in Romania’s Economic Environment – pg. 510
  43. Tiberiu-Adrian TOADER Financial Investigations Concerning the Ordering of Precautionary Measures, of Special and Extended Confiscation During Criminal Proceedings – pg. 518
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  45. Corina-Maria TUDOR (BARBU) Criminal Proceedings Transfer Effects on the Insurance Seizure – pg. 535
  46. Alexandra Veronica UNGUREANU Entrepreneurship in the New Global Economy. The Role of Innovation in Economic Development – pg. 541
  47. Sorana VĂTAVU Mapping the Literature on Corporate Sustainability and Public Policies – pg.549
  48. Dorian VLĂDEANU,Ovidiu GHERASIM Tourism and Sustainability – pg. 556

Section IV: Marketing – Management

  1. Anca-Elena AVIANA, Florica ROTARU, Alina ȘERBAN Impact of Mentoring Functions on Career Development: Moderating Role of Mentoring Culture and Mentoring Structure – pg. 563
  2. Marius BOIȚĂ, Luminiţa PĂIUȘAN Forming of Founding Sources of the Tourism Entities – pg. 567
  3. Ioan-Emanoil CĂLIN Behavioral Integration and the Behavioral Repertoire as Qualitative Dimensions of a Management Team – pg. 573
  4. Raluca-Giorgiana CHIVU, Alexandru BOSÎNCEANU,Adrian MOCIU The Impact of Marketing Strategies on Changes in Eating Habits – An Approach from a Consumer Perspective – pg. 579
  5. Adrian COSMAN The Impact of Managerial Activities on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Public Institution – pg. 586
  6. Adrian COSMAN, Sorin TUDOR, Monica LOGOFĂTU The Impact of the Management Style on Effective and Efficient Management of the Public Institution – pg. 592
  7. Daniel DĂNECI-PĂTRĂU Technology Information Management Applied to Rail Transportation System – pg. 598
  8. Elmira Cezarina DINĂ, Ramona-Cristina GHIȚĂ Organizational Adjustment Mechanisms in Line with the Goals of the Dynamic Society from the Teleological Perspective of Quality Management in the Education System – pg. 604
  9. Lorena Florentina DUMITRAȘCIUC, Elena-Sabina TURNEA Entrepreneurship Trends after the Coronavirus Pandemic – pg. 613
  10. Alina Rodica GAL,Cosmina Laura RAT,Cristina Ionela TOADERE Barriers to the Implementation of the Quality Management System in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – pg. 618
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  13. Alexandru GRIGORAȘ Using Social Media in Public Universities. A Research on the University of Bucharest, Romania – pg. 644
  14. Adriana GRIGORESCU, Daniela BAIASU, Răzvan Ion CHIȚESCU Business Intelligence, the New Managerial Tool: Opportunities and Limits – pg. 651
  15. Vasile HAȚEGAN Decision Making in Business: Using the Tools of the Philosophical Practice – pg. 658
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  17. Silvia Mioara ILIE (TROI) The Role of Organizational Culture in Organizations – pg. 670
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Section V: Finance and Accounting

  1. Nicolae BALTEȘ, Ștefania Amalia JIMON Financial Performance of Mandatory Private Pension Funds in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A Comparative Study between Romania and Slovakia – pg. 829
  2. Nicolae BALTEȘ, Ruxandra-Maria PAVEL Study on the Correlation Between Working Capital and Economic Value Added for the Companies relating to the Hotel and Restaurant Industry Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange – pg. 838
  3. Gabriela Izabela BĂLTĂTESCU, Nicolae DOBRIN, Ionuț BURLACU The Role and Financial Implications of Digital Pathology for the System Health – pg. 845
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  5. Adrian-Cosmin CARAIMAN The Risk Management in Financing Decisions in Corporate Governance – pg. 859
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