Section I: International Affairs and European Integration

  1. Bâcă Eleonora, Popescu Alina – Beyond Economic and Political Borders- Identities in American Homelands – pg.2
  2. Căzănel Maria – The Exception of Non-performance and its Role in Debt Assignments – pg.6
  3. Căzănel Maria – The Effects of Debt Assignments – pg.10
  4. Dobre I. Claudia, Rasauteanu I. Costin – Global Economic Crisis and Government Intervention – pg.14
  5. Enea Constanta – Modern Management and its Importance in Achieving Success in Business. Concrete Examples – pg.20
  6. Enea Constanta – Business Structures Considered “Success” in Business Contemporary – pg.26
  7. Ionescu Gr. Ion – Brief Analysis on the Share of Romania Related to International Trade in Services during 2001 – 2010 – pg.31
  8. Jitaru Loredana, Pralea Spiridon – EU-China Trade Partnership: Strategic Importance of Central and Eastern European Members – pg.37
  9. Munteanu Bogdan – Shadow Banking – Developments in Times of Financial Crisis – pg.42
  10. Popovici Norina, Moraru Camelia – Quality of Life in Europe – pg.49
  11. Schipor Constantin – A New Perspective of the Welfare State in the European Context – pg.55
  12. Toma Sorin-George, Marinescu Paul, Constantin Ionut – How the Ten Largest Corporations of the World Evolved In the Period 2014-2015 – pg.61

Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization

  1. Boghean Florin, Boghean Carmen – Tax Havens – The “Black Hole” of the International Finance – pg.68
  2. Botescu Ion – Particularities Regarding the Evolution and Role of Foreign Direct Investments in Romania’s Economy – pg.74
  3. Botescu Ion – Foreign Debt: Causes and Measures Taken – pg.82
  4. Duduiala Popescu Lorena – Chinа – thе Cоuntry Whо Bеаt thе Cарitаlism – pg.90
  5. Duduiala Popescu Lorena – Cоmреtitivеnеss оf thе Mаin Cоuntriеs by thе Wоrld – pg.95
  6. Florea Ianc Maria Mirabela, Ciurlău Loredana – Advantages and Disadvantages Romania’s Transition to the Euro – pg.99
  7. Frecea Georgiana-Loredana – Globalizing the Romanian Economy: A Financial View – pg.104
  8. Iordanoaia Florin – The Role of Logistics in the Implementation of the Intermodal Transport Strategy in Romania. Strategies for the Road Infrastructure in Dobrogea Region – pg.110
  9. Marin Florian – Analysis of Budgetary Decommitment Risk for the Programming Period 2007-2013 – pg.116
  10. Pop Viorel – Economy and Clinate Change. The Paris Conference – December 2015 – pg.123
  11. Explanatory editorial note
  12. Schipor Constantin – A New Way for Europe through the Damage Control – pg.133
  13. Staiculescu Ana Rodica, Molcutescu Anamaria Lucretia – Asymmetric Influences of the EU Macro-regional Development Policies on the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policies – pg.137
  14. Stanciu Anca Cristina, Dinu Ramona Nicoleta, Popovici Norina – Tourism-Environment Impact Relationship on the Romanian Black Sea Coast – pg.143
  15. Vancea Paula Diane, Badea Gabriela, Ionițiu Ionela – Maritime Spatial Planning – Opportunities and Limits – pg.148

Section III: Economic and Social Studies

  1. Alexandru Marian – Not to Indict and non Arraignment Solutions, Adopted by the Prosecutor – pg.154
  2. Alexandru Marian – Complaints against Measures and Acts of Criminal Prosecution – pg.159
  3. Bâldan Florentina Cristina, Ungureanu Emilia – Main Results in Romanian Antitrust Domain, Period 2010-2014 – pg.163
  4. Birsan Alexandru, Shuleski Darko, Cristea Crina Veronica – Practical Approach of the PEST Analysis from the Perspective of the Territorial Intelligence – pg.169
  5. Burlacu Malina Ionela – The Population’ Income, Expenses and Savings as Descriptive Aspects of the Standard of Living – pg.175
  6. Bușan Gabriela, Ecobici Nicolae – Aspects of Poverty and Social Exclusion in the Romania’s Development Regions – pg.181
  7. Buta Galina, Nadrag Lavinia – Strategies for Preventing the Stress of Employees Working in the Primary Health Care System – pg.187
  8. Buzarna-Tihenea (Galbeaza) Alina, Nadrag Lavinia – The Challenges of Technical Translation: Case Study – pg.192
  9. Diaconu Mihaela – Determinants of Financing Decisions in Innovative Firms: A Review on Theoretical Backgrounds and Empirical Evidence – pg.198
  10. Dumitrascu Elena, Maruntelu Carmen Liliana – Discourse Analysis of the Multi-Voiced Tourist Guide. Discursive Particularities of Guided Tours – pg.204
  11. Florea Ilie Constantin – Romanian Media Industry – A Look Back at Responses to Crises and Disruptive Changes – pg.209
  12. Gheorghiu Gabriela, Spatariu Elena Cerasela – Competition Policy and its Implementation in Romania – pg.215
  13. Ionel Marian – Tourist Services in Romania – pg.219
  14. Istratie-Macarov Alexandra-Lavinia, Leonte Alina – The Play of Familiarity and Predictability in English Business Idioms – pg.223
  15. Katsios Stavros – Making Promises Good: The Anti-Money Laundering Regime as a Multi-Purpose Tool for Governance – pg.227
  16. Leonte Alina, Istratie-Macarov Alexandra-Lavinia – Taking the Bull by the Horns with English Business Idioms – pg.233
  17. Lipară Daniel – Modern Paradigm in Macroeconomic Monetary Theories – pg.239
  18. Moise-Țiței Adina – Higher Education and the Labour Market – pg.243
  19. Papathanassis Alexis – Combating Tourism-related Corruption: Effective Countermeasures Derived from Analysing Tourists’ Perceptions and Experiences – pg.248
  20. Pauna Carmen Beatrice – Innovative Approach for the Agriculture Development. Case Study of South-East Europe – pg.256
  21. Pentescu Alma – Millennials, Peer-to-Peer Accommodation and the Hotel Industry – pg.262
  22. Raftu Gheorghe – Dentist-Patient Relationship – pg.268
  23. Rus Mihaela, Sandu Mihaela Luminița – The Influence of Leadership in Oganizations – pg.273
  24. Staiculescu Ana Rodica, Neagu Carmen Mariana – The Social Impact of Economic Downturn, Quantitative Media Analysis on Theft Offenses Committed by Women – pg.278
  25. Ungureanu Emilia, Bâldan Florentina Cristina – Essentialities of Energy Market Liberalisation in Romania – pg.284

Section IV: Marketing – Management

  1. Antohi Ionuț, Moraru Andreea – Daniela – The High Performance Work Practices and Labour Productivity in Romanian Companies – pg.291
  2. Balasescu Marius – Analysis of the Retail Market in Brasov – pg.297
  3. Boșcor Dana, Băltescu Codruța Adina – The Assessment of Restaurants’ Authenticity from the Perspective of Young Population – pg.302
  4. Budac Camelia – Theoretical Approaches on Successful Email Marketing Campaigns – pg.306
  5. Daneci-Patrau Daniel – New Employees’ Integration and Orientation Management in Hotel Companies – pg.312
  6. Dinu Gabriel, Dinu Loredana – The Influence of Emag Image Brand Among Resita’s Online Consumers – pg.318
  7. Dragomir Cristina, Simona Utureanu – Drills and Training on board Ship in Maritime Transport – pg.323
  8. Iordanoaia Florin – The Strategy of Integration for the Navigation Specialization Students on Maritime Market – pg.329
  9. Leon Ramona – Diana, Tone Raluca Anne-Marie – The Managerial Culture. A Literature Review – pg.335
  10. Micu Angela-Eliza, Geru Marius – Social Media Impact on Human Resources Management Strategies – pg.340
  11. Muhcina Silvia, Popovici Veronica – Few Aspects Regarding the Promotional Tools Used in the Marketing Activity of Publishing Houses – pg.345
  12. Munteanu Valentina – Conflict Management – pg.350
  13. Neacsu Nicoleta Andreea, Balasescu Simona – Policies and Stategies Quality Courier Services Market. Case Study DHL – pg.355
  14. Nicodim Liliana, Croitoru Gabriel, Duica Mircea – Entrepreneurial Coordinator Management of Individual Career Planning of the Organizations in Romania – pg.361
  15. Nicodim Liliana, Nițu Claudiu Valentin, Croitoru Gabriel – Quantitative Investigation on the Influence of Social Customer Relationship Management on the Profitability of Companies – pg.367
  16. Nicolau Cristina, Foris Tiberiu – Training Future Entrepreneurs Using European Funds. A Descriptive Research on Start-Up Romania Programs – pg.372
  17. Oprișan Oana, Bucăţa George, Tileagă Cosmin – The Role and Importance of the Manager in the Management Process – pg.378
  18. Oprișan Oana, Bucăţa George, Tileagă Cosmin – Considerations Concerning the Redesign of the Management System at the Level of the Organization – Quality Perspective – pg.383
  19. Raftu Gheorghe – Dental Practice Management – pg.388
  20. Stanciu Anca Cristina, Condrea Elena, Zamfir Cristina – Importance of Communication in Quality Management – pg.393
  21. Utureanu Simona, Dragomir Cristina – Managerial Ship Procedures in Case of Oil Pollution in Maritime Transport – pg.397
  22. Vanghele Cristian – Causality Macroeconomic Crisis-Management – pg.402

Section V: Finance – Accounting

  1. Anton Sorin Gabriel – Cash Holdings and Firm Value: A Study of Listed Firms in Romania – pg.409
  2. Belascu Lucian, Budac Camelia – Considerations on the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Economies from Eastern Europe – pg.415
  3. Bilan Irina, Roman Angela – Macroeconomic Environment and Banking Sector Soundness in CEE Countries – pg.421
  4. Bîrcă Aliona – The Impact of Management Control on Sustainability Reports – pg.427
  5. Boghean Florin – Outlook on the Costs Reduction Decision, the Component of an Effective Corporate Governance – pg.434
  6. Cenar Iuliana – Considerations Regarding Students’ Social Protection – pg.439
  7. Chirculescu Maria Felicia – Aspects Regarding Policy and the Financing Mechanism of the Consolidates General Deficitary Budget – pg.445
  8. Cuceu Ionuţ-Constantin – The Distributional Effects of Value Added Tax – pg.450
  9. Cucşa (Stratulat) Angelica – Risk Modeling Approaches in Terms of Volatility Banking Transactions – pg.455
  10. Danuletiu Dan-Constantin, Danuletiu Adina-Elena – Analysis of the Local Budget’s Expenditures Structure at Different Types of Administrative Units in Romania – pg.461
  11. Dobrotă Gabriela – Budgetary Deficit and Its Effects on Public Debt – pg.467
  12. Dobrotă Gabriela – The Influences of the Exchange Rate on the Performance of Romanian Trade – pg.471
  13. Dreghiciu Andreea Elena – Aspects Concerning Financial Debts and Assets’ Evaluation at Fair Value – pg.476
  14. Dreghiciu Andreea Elena – Peculiarities of Reevaluation Results Treatment Pertained to Grounds According to Their Destination – pg.481
  15. Ecobici Mihaela Loredana – Indicators Used in the Dynamic Analysis of Turnover – pg.486
  16. Ecobici Mihaela Loredana – Indicators of Financial Analysis Employed in Quantifying the Financial Performance of a Company – pg.492
  17. Florea Ianc Maria Mirabela, Ciurlău Loredana – The Price Stability-Important Lever within the Economy – pg.498
  18. Frecea Georgiana-Loredana – The CSR Orientation in the Romanian Banking Industry – pg.502
  19. Ghiță-Mitrescu Silvia, Duhnea Cristina – Internet Banking in Romania at a Glance – pg.508
  20. Guinea Flavius-Andrei – Creativity in Managerial Accounting: the Syndrome of Clone-type Production Costs – pg.515
  21. Guinea Flavius-Andrei – Financial Indicators of Performance Measurement: Reality, Relevance and Distortion – pg.521
  22. Istrate Luminita Gabriela – The Difference GAP – The Main Instrument Used in the Management of Banking Assets and Liabilities – pg.527
  23. Leoveanu Valentin Mihai – Ways to Improve the Access to Finance of Romanian SME – pg.532
  24. Marin Andreea Mihaela, Lazăr Cristiana Daniela – Balance Sheet – General Information on Financial Health, Liquidity and Solvency of an Economic Entity – pg.538
  25. Marin Andreea Mihaela, Lazăr Cristiana Daniela – The Economic Risks Arising from the Analysis of the Balance Sheet of an Economic Entity – pg.544
  26. Mărginean Mihai, Gavriluţă (Vatamanu) Anca Florentina, Oprea Otilia Roxana – Financial Integration and Tax Efficiency –Premises of Antitrust Policy and Economic Growth – pg.550
  27. Mirea Marioara, Stroie Cristina – Concrete Aspects Regarding Imputation of Current Tax Receivables in Insolvency Proceeding – pg.554
  28. Moraru Andreea – Daniela, Ghita-Mitrescu Silvia – The Romanian Banking System –Key Dimensions and Visibility of CSR Practices – pg.559
  29. Moraru Camelia, Nancu Dorinela – Econometric Modeling of the Effect of Budget Deficit and Public Debt on GDP within Romanian Economy – pg.565
  30. Mortură Laura-Alexandra – The Influence of Available Cash Evaluation in the Issuing of Financial Auditor’s Opinion – pg.570
  31. Murgea Aurora, Milena-Jana Schank – Why do Goals Matter? Sport Events and Capital Market Returns – pg.577
  32. Pepi Mitica – The Usefulness of Financial Statements in Making Financial Diagnosis – pg.583
  33. Radu Florin – XBRL – The Business Language in the Digital Age – pg.589
  34. Radu Florin – The Information – Connexion Between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting – pg.595
  35. Rus Mircea-Iosif – Financing Research and Development Activities in the Construction Materials Industry. Comparative Study – pg.600
  36. Schank Milena – Jana – The Impact of Economic Sentiments on Foreign Direct Investments – pg.605
  37. Vitan Daniela – The Role of the Patrimonial Result Account in Rendering Performance in the Secondary Educational Institutions – pg.611

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