Section I: International Affairs

Amarița Adrian – The Incompatibility Triangle – pg.2

Anastase (Bădulescu) Ileana, Grigoruț Cornel – The International Macro-Environment of an Organization – pg.7

Dobre Claudia – Intercultural Management and the Importance of the Culture – pg.14

Mitra-Niță Mariana – Culture and Traditions: Contemporary Criminological Factors – pg.19

Moraru Camelia, Popovici Norina – The Evolution of Public Expenditures in Romania during 2000 – 2013 – pg.24

Moroșan Magdalena – Economic Dependence – Key Factor in the Interstate Relations between Russia and Eastern Partnership’s Countries – pg.29

Nădrag Lavinia, Buzarna-Tihenea (Gălbează) Alina – Aspects of Legal Translation in Contracts of Carriage – pg.35

Rotaru Elena Mădălina – Company Mergers and Acquisitions on the Edge of Unlawful Competition – pg.41

Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization

Brașoveanu Florica – Considerations on the Right to Asylum – pg.48

Brașoveanu Florica – Considerations on the Right to a Healthy Living Environment – pg.53

Burciu Aurel, Kicsi Rozalia – FDI in European Economic Architecture. The Case of Romania as an EU Member State – pg.58

Ciocoiu Cristina-Elena – Are the Investments from Structural Funds Meeting the Citizens’ Expectations? – Evidence from Sofia and Bucharest – pg.64

Enăchescu Daniela – Evolution of Renewable Energy Capacities in Europe after the Lisbon Treaty – pg.69

Papathanassis Alexis – Curing the ‘Beach Disease’: Corruption and the Potential of Tourism-led Transformation for Developing Countries and Transitional Economies – pg.75

Pătrașcu Aurelia – Ontology based Approach for an Insurance Company Activity Modelling – pg.81

Ploae Cătălin – Short Essay on Managing Multicultural Students Groups within Diversity Context – pg.86

Popa Florina – Cluster – Smart Specialization Relationship – pg.90

Roman Angela, Rusu Valentina Diana – Determining Factors of Entrepreneurial Motivation: Evidence from EU Countries – pg.97

Sandu Ioana – Before and After the European Neighborhood Policy in Moldova: Past Economic Background, Current Developments – pg.104

Schipor Constantin – Aspirations, Achievements and Challenges of European Social Economic Models – pg.108

Toma Sorin-George, Marinescu Paul, Grădinaru Cătălin – Global Competitiveness and Innovation in the Period 2013-2015 – pg.114

Voicu-Dorobanțu Roxana – Living Labs and C2P Partnerships: A Participatory Solution or Just Another Buzz Concept for Regional and Local Development? – pg.120

Voiculeț Alina – Regional Policy – Major Part in the European Union – pg.127

Section III: Economic and Social Studies

Anton Loredana Monica, Munteanu Iuliana Gabriela – Factors That Influence Aging in Romania – pg.133

Barbu Cristian-Marian – Reflections on the Economic Prospects – pg.137

Bâcă Eleonora, Moise-Țiței Adina – Mastering the Content- The Challenges of an Academic Course Design – pg.143

Bâldan Florentina Cristina, Stanciu Tolea Violeta Claudia – Promoting Competition Rules in Romania, 2010 – 2014 Period – pg.147

Covatariu Andrei, Dobrin Cosmin – The Impact of the Regional Electricity Market’s Coupling on the Romanian Day Ahead Market Prices – pg.153

Dinulescu Ruxandra – Analyzing the Romanian Healthcare Bureaucracy Using a Tree Diagram – pg.158

Drăghici Vasile – General Considerations Concerning the Principle of Territoriality of the Romanian Criminal Law – pg.163

Drăghici Vasile – General Aspects Regarding the Crime of Human Trafficking – pg.168

Florea Ianc Maria Mirabela – Influence of Life Insurance on the Romanian Insurance Market – pg.173

Frunză Anna-Alexandra, Munteanu Gabriela Iuliana – The Need for the Dissemination of Statistical Data and Information – pg.177

Ilie Margareta, Ilie Constantin – Analyse of the Influence of Major Romanian Indices over the Number of Early Leavers from Education and Training – pg.180

Ionel Marian – Hospitality Industry – pg.187

Katsios Stavros – Corruption as a Governance Challenge and the Role of Civil Society – pg.192

Lincă Aurora Costina, Voinilă Adrian Cătălin – Banks’ Influence, through Tailor Made Services Offered to Tourists, on Encouraging International Transit: High-Tech Tourism of the 20th Century – pg.198

Marin Marilena – Some Aspects Concerning the Concept of Rent in the Romanian Law – pg.203

Moise-Țiței Adina, Bâcă Eleonora – Considerations on the Regional Disparities in the Romanian Academic Education – pg.207

Ofileanu Dimi – The Evolution of the Turnover from the Point of View of the Number of Employees, the Net Realized Investments and the Average Gross Salary in the Romanian Footwear Industry – pg.213

Osoianu Dragoș – It’s All About Economics – The Urban Ecology in T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land – pg.218

Percic Stanislav, Apostoaie Constantin-Marius – A Critical Review of the Most Relevant Welfare Indicators from an Environmental Perspective – pg.223

Popescu Alina, Popescu (Mitu) Cristina Dana – Experiential Business English Teaching – pg.231

Preda (Diaconeasa) Maria Claudia – Is Romania Ready for Cooperative Structures? Romania – Italy Comparative Study. – pg.235

Radu Steluța, Constandache Mihaela, Condrea Elena – Impact of Research Regarding the Processing of Organic Waste Resulted from Food Industry in the North – East, South-East and Center Regions of Romania in Particular, in Relation to Consumer and Environmental Protection – pg.241

Stănescu Aurelia – What Is to Be Done to Reduce the Effects of Emotionality and Conflicts on One’s Satisfaction at Workplace – pg.247

Țâra Sergiu – The Impact of Education on Social and Economic Inequalities in Romania – pg.252

Vasile Adrian – The Right to Property and Inheritance in the Old Testament – pg.258

Section IV: Marketing – Management

Antohi Ionuț – The High Performance Working Practices in Romanian Companies – an Empirical Study – pg.264

Antohi Ionuț, Moraru Andreea-Daniela – Reward Management Practices-Evidence from Constanta County, Romania – pg.269

Băltescu Codruța Adina, Boșcor Dana – The Development of Boutique Hotels in Brasov City – pg.274

Berea Cristi – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Principles in Negotiation – pg.279

Bozga Liviu, Băleanu Daniela Nicoleta, Bozga Raluca Elisabeta – Environment-Oriented CSR Activities of Romanian Companies – pg.284

Dăneci Pătrau Daniel – Orientation and Integration of New Employees in an Organization Hotel – pg.290

Dobre Ovidiu-Iliuta – Differences of Organizational Culture between Small and Large Enterprises – pg.296

Gheorghe Paul, Frunză Anna-Alexandra – The Significance of Resources Purchases over the Business’s Competitiveness – pg.302

Gheorghe Paul – The Need to Reposition the Insurance Logistics Management in M.A.I Units – pg.306

Grădinaru Cătălin, Toma Sorin-George, Marinescu Paul – Marketing Mix in Services – pg.311

Iorga Cristina, Șerban Andrei – The SWOT Analysis of a Romanian Post-Sanitary Institution in Romania – pg.315

Jiroveanu Daniel, Costache Georgiana, Radu Cătălina – The Cost Structure – Key Element in the Development of Product Policy – pg.320

Jugănaru Ion-Dănuț, Jugănaru Mariana – Traditional and Current Aspects Regarding Fairs and Exhibitions Organized by Constanta Chamber of Commerce – pg.325

Jugănaru Mariana, Jugănaru Ion-Dănuț – Historical Traces and Contemporary Approaches regarding Fairs and Exhibitions, as complex Instruments in Marketing – pg.331

Moraru Andreea-Daniela – Challenges of Hotel Branding. An Overview of the Romanian Seaside Hotel Industry – pg.336

Muhcină Silvia, Popovici Veronica – Few Considerations On Brand Loyalty and Equity – pg.341

Nancu Dorinela – Assessing the Organizational Culture of Local Organizations – pg.345

Nancu Dorinela – Is There a Positive Correlation between the Organizational Culture, Focused on Creating a Pleasant Working Environment, and Organizational Performance? – pg.350

Neacșu Nicoleta Andreea, Madar Anca – Design and Aesthetics on Organic Cosmetics Market. Case Study: Face Creams – pg.355

Nicodim Liliana, Bucăța George, Muscalu Emanoil – Aspects of the Transformation of Educational Management in Schools – pg.361

Nicodim Liliana, Bucăța George, Nițu Claudiu Valentin – Issues Regarding the Need of Transformation of Educational Management in the Current European Context – pg.367

Petac Eugen, Petac Andreea-Oana – The Challenge of Private Cloud for the Digital Business – pg.373

Petac Eugen, Petac Andreea-Oana – About Security Solutions in Fog Computing – pg.380

Popescu (Mitu) Cristina Dana, Popescu Alina – Implementing Information Technology in E-Human Resource Management – pg.386

Popovici Norina, Moraru Camelia, Moraru Gheorghe – Motivational Aspects within Healthcare Units – pg.391

Radu Cătălina, Jiroveanu Daniel, Costache Georgiana – An Exploratory Study of Career Anchors in Business Higher Education – pg.397

Sandu Raluca-Mihaela – Organic Agriculture in the world, European Union and Romania between 2010-2014 – pg.403

Stanciu Anca Cristina, Constandache Mihaela, Nenciu Daniela Simona – Considerations Regarding the Quality Management of Banking Services – pg.409

Toma Cristian Marius, Costuleanu Carmen Luiza, Toma Vasilica – The Analysis of Factors Involved in Assessing of University Scientific Research – pg.413

Tudor Monica – Emotional Intelligence: Requiring Attention – pg.420

Utureanu Simona, Dragomir Cristina – Inter-Connected Roles of the Ship, Seafarers and Ship Management Company – pg.424

Vărzaru Dan Constantin, Vărzaru Anca Antoaneta – The Contribution of the Human Resources Information System to Human Capital Performance Management within the Organization – pg.429

Section V: Finance and Accounting

Andreescu Gabriela – Opportunities for Improvement and Implementation of Management Accounting in Public Cultural Institutions – pg.436

Anton Sorin Gabriel – Private Equity Market in Romania. Why Is its Infancy so Long? – pg.441

Avram Greti Daniela, Avram Marioara, Avram Veronel – The Study on International Cooperation Made by the Romanian Professional Accountancy Bodies – pg.447

Băcanu Mihaela-Nicoleta – Aspects of Influence on the Accounting-Taxation Relation at the Legislative Level in Romania – pg.453

Bilan Irina, Oprea Florin – Municipal Debt and Its Economic Effects – The Romanian Case – pg.458

Burghelea Cristina, Uzlău Carmen, Ene Corina Maria – Monetary Policy Strategy in Romania – pg.464

Caprian Cristina – Analysis of Commercial Companies Profitability in the Garment Industry in Romania – pg.469

Caraiman Adrian-Cosmin – Evaluation of Accounting Information System Performance at Trade Entities – Economic Efficiency of Accounting Information System at Trade Entities – pg.474

Cioca Ionela Cornelia – Analysis of Correlation Between Gross Domestic Product and Corporate Income Tax in the European Union Countries – pg.481

Constantin Sergiu-Bogdan – Tax Havens in the Offshore World – pg.487

Covaliov-Rusu Georgeta – Conceptual Approaches in Financial Instruments Sphere – pg.492

Dragomir Victoria Isabela, Avram Marioara, Domnișoru Sorinel – Considerations Regarding the Contents of Internal Control – pg.497

Drăgușin Cristina-Petrina, Cîrciumaru Daniel, Cârstina Silviu-Valentin – Conceptual Valences Regarding the Economic and Financial Performance of the Public Sector Institutions – pg.503

Dreghiciu Andreea Elena, Puțan Alina – Specific Procedures and Techniques of the Creative Accounting Concerning Tangible Assets Reevaluation – pg.509

Frecea Georgiana-Loredana – CSR Communication in the Romanian Banking System – pg.515

Ghiță-Mitrescu Silvia, Duhnea Cristina – The Adjusted Net Asset Valuation Method – Connecting the dots between Theory and Practice – pg.521

Grigore Marian – Particularities of Profit and Loss Account Audit and the Production Process in Constructions – pg.527

Guni Claudia Nicoleta – The Financial and Accounting Information: a Genuine Power Factor, in the Report Win – Loss of the Investment on the Capital Market – pg.532

Hetes-Gavra Roxana, Avram Alexandru, Avram Costin Daniel – Personal Bankruptcy Regulations in Central and Eastern Europe – pg.538

Hetes-Gavra Roxana, Avram Alexandru, Avram Costin Daniel – The Models of Personal Bankruptcy in Western Europe – pg.544

Iuga Iulia – Analysis of Financial Intermediation in Romania – pg.551

Nancu Dumitru – Assessing the Portfolio of Bank Guarantees by Specific Indicators for Determining Risks – pg.557

Nancu Dumitru – Study on Risk Analysis and the Way of Framing the Activity of Credit Guarantee for SMEs in Prudential Requirements/ Indicators – pg.563

Nicolae Traian Cristin – Techniques Applied for Accounting of Revenues for Deferred Payments – pg.569

Oprișan Oana, Tileagă Cosmin, Nițu Claudiu Valentin – Analysis of Local Taxes in the European Union – pg.573

Oprișan Oana, Tileagă Cosmin, Croitoru Gabriel – Analysis of Revenues and Expenditures of a Carrier for a Voyage Charter Trip – pg.578

Pătrașcu Aurelia – Aspects of the Evolution of the Existing Pre-university Education at Regional Level in 1996-2014 – pg.583

Pepi Mitică – Methods For Improving Performances In Corporate Governace In Financial Markets For Stakeholders Interest – pg.589

Petec (Călinescu) Daniela, Spătărelu Ionuț – Consideration on the Fiscal Consequences of Accounting Result – pg.595

Pleșcău Ioana, Cocriș Vasile – Unconventional Monetary Policy and Bank Risk-Taking in Euro Area – pg.600

Puțan Alina, Dreghiciu Andreea Elena – Aspects Concerning Taxes in the Evaluation Perspective. Romanian Case – pg.606

Spătărelu Ionuț, Petec (Călinescu) Daniela – The Importance of Accounting Information in Decision Making – pg.611

Trăistaru Diana Andreea – The Impact of Applying the IFRS Accounting Rules on the Business Environment – pg.616

Vârteiu Daniel Petru, Bota Cristian Florin – Application of the Activity Based Costing System to the Wood Industry – pg.622

Vlad Costică – Managing a „N” Securities Portfolio – pg.628

Duhnea Cristina, Ghiță-Mitrescu Silvia – The Romanian Healthcare Institutions – Managing Budget Limitations and Liquidity Issues – pg.634

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