Section I: International Affairs

  1. Babatunde Wasiu ADEOYE, Raymond Osi ALENOGHENA Internet Usage, Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth in Nigeria – pg. 2
  2. Raymond Osi ALENOGHENA Fiscal Policy Determinants of Money Demand in Nigeria:  ARDL Bound Testing Approach – pg. 13
  3. Anca BUZIERNESCU Econometric Modeling of the Correlation Between the Type of Income Taxation of Natural Persons and the Standard of Living in the E.U. – pg. 23
  4. Oleh CHORNYI Creation of a National Innovation System: A Tough Task for Ukraine – pg. 30
  5. Claudia ISAC Coworking Spaces – A Source for Developing Creative Business – pg. 36
  6. Irena MUNTEANU, Elena DOBRE Specific Elements of Transfer Pricing Analysis  – pg. 42
  7. Oana Maria NEAGU Qualitative and Quantitative Approach for Identifying the Largest Tax Havens in the World – pg. 50
  8. Daniela Mihaela NEAMȚU International Innovative Clusters – The Growth of Regional Competitiveness – pg. 57
  9. Sorin-George TOMA, Loredana Nicoleta ZAINEA, Dragoș TOHĂNEAN Global Banks: The Race for Supremacy in 2018 – pg. 64
  10. Daniela VITAN Coordinates of the Global Performances in the Pre-university Educational System – pg. 70
  11. Ekaterina ZAKARADZE Regional and International Development Policy of Georgia. International Formats of the Black Sea and Georgia – pg. 75

Section II: Regional Development, Integration and Globalization

  1. Simona-Andreea APOSTU Migration and Health System in Romania  – pg.80
  2. Simona-Andreea APOSTU The Phenomenon of Migration in Romania – pg.86
  3. Raluca-Giorgiana CHIVU The Health Services System in Romania: A Case Study – pg.93
  4. Adina CRISTE The Financial Sight of the Post-crisis Economic Growth – pg.99
  5. Elena DOBRE, Irena MUNTEANU Implementation of BEPS Project – Stakes, Expectations and Challenges – pg.106
  6. Irina Geanina HARJA Theories of European Integration Systematic Reflections – pg. 111
  7. Marinela ILIE Ecotourism – A Direction for Sustainable Development in Romania – pg.116
  8. Claudia ISAC The Impact of Technologic Innovation on Business in the Financial-Banking Field – pg.122
  9. Cristina Mihaela LAZĂR, Ionel BOSTAN Recent Trends in Tourism Activity in Dobrudja Area – pg.127
  10. Monica LOGOFĂTU, Adrian COSMAN, Sorin TUDOR Research on Human Resources Measures from the Educational Systems at the EU Level – pg.133
  11. Stelian MANOLACHE The Influence of the Economic Globalization on the Contemporary Religiosity. Brief Theological Considerations from a Christian Anthropological Perspective – pg.140
  12. Alunica MORARIU Migration and Asylum Policy Within EU. Causes, Needs, Strategic Policy and Evolutions – pg.148
  13. Norina POPOVICI, Camelia MIHAI, Ion DEVDER The Macroeconomic Impact on Romanians’ Quality of Life – pg.158
  14. Veronica POPOVICI, Norina POPOVICI, Camelia MIHAI The Underground Economy in Romania – pg.168
  15. Paula Alexandra ROIBU CRUCIANU The Impact of Unemployment on the Economic Growth in Romania – pg.174
  16. Petronela TUDORACHE, Doru TUDORACHE Sustainable Development of High Tourist Potential Rural Communities in Southern Transylvania – pg.180
  17. Ramona ȚIGĂNAȘU,Sorin MAZILU EU’s Governments Responsiveness in Inducing Efficiency and Innovation – pg. 189
  18. Daniel Petru VÂRTEIU, Sorina Simona BUMBESCU Agency for Financing Rural Investments – The Agency Which Manages Funds from Pillar II of Common Agricultural Policy – pg.199
  19. Loredana Nicoleta ZAINEA, Sorin-George TOMA, Dragoș TOHĂNEAN Volunteering, A Skills Incubator for Future Organizations – pg.205

Section III: Economic and Social Studies

  1.  Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ, Ionela MUNTEANU FLOREAMarioara MIREA Study on the Dynamics of Bank Loans according to the Level of the Interest Rate and the Incomes of the Households – pg.213
  2. Nicolae BALTEȘ, Ștefania Amalia JIMON Social Inequalities and the Reform of Romanian Public Pension System by Law no. 127/2019 – pg.219
  3. Eleonora BÂCĂ Effective Error Correction and Language Improvement in Business Communication Teaching – pg.227
  4.  Alina BUZARNA (TIHENEA) GĂLBEAZĂ The Influence of New Media Tools in ESP Teaching: Case Study on Business English – pg.231
  5. Maria Alina CARATAȘ, Elena Cerasela SPĂTARIU,Raluca Andreea TRANDAFIR Triggers of the Economic Crisis – pg.237
  6. Maria Alina CARATAȘ, Elena Cerasela SPĂTARIU,Gabriela GHEORGHIU Privacy and Cybersecurity Insights – pg.242
  7. Sorinel COSMA Nicholas Georgescu – Roegen – An Atypical Economist – pg.247
  8. Sorinel COSMA The Modernity of Max Weber’s Economic Ideas – pg.251
  9. Marius DARABAN Human Resources – A Value Driven Perspective – pg.255
  10. Marius DARABAN Information Technology – The 21st Century Business Value Driver – pg.261
  11. Gabriel DINU, Loredana DINU Political Marketing in Romania – pg.268
  12. Cristina DRAGOMIR,Nihan ȘENBURSA Maritime Fair Transport – pg.272
  13.  Liviu Răzvan DRAGOMIR,Cristina DRAGOMIR Welfare and Labour Aspects of Romanian Orthodox Diaspora in Italy- pg. 278
  14. Elena DUMITRAȘCU The Printed Travel Guide in the Analysis of the Tourist Discourse – pg.285
  15. Teona GRIGOLASHVILI Open Market Operations as a Main Tool of Monetary Policy – pg.290
  16.  Marian IONEL The Tourism in Romania and the Possibilities of Attracting Tourist Flows – pg.294
  17. Marian IONEL Ecotourism and Its Importance on the Tourism Market – pg.300
  18. Alexandra-Lavinia ISTRATIE-MACAROV The Use of Text Mining in Identifying Means of Enhancing the ESP Teaching Process – pg.306
  19. Elda MARZAI (ABLIZ) Customers’ Perception about Bancassurance in Romania – pg.310
  20. Carmen-Liliana MĂRUNȚELU Modular Learning Environments – The Case of Moodle – pg.316
  21. Lavinia NĂDRAG Teaching Business English to Non Economics Majors – pg.322
  22. Simona-Vasilica OPREA, Adela BÂRA, Dan PREOȚESCU NoSQL Data Storage and Clustering Large Volume of Data from Smart Metering Systems with Impact on Electricity Consumption Peak and Tariff Settings – pg.327
  23. Simona-Vasilica OPREA, Ramona Ana BOLOGA, Anca Ioana ANDREESCU Design Functionalities for a Wholesale Electricity Market Simulator – pg.334
  24. Gabriela PASCU (POPESCU), Lavinia COSTAN (POPA) Financial-Banking Exclusion – An Economic and Social Phenomenon – pg.345
  25. Brînduşa Mihaela RADU, Mariana BĂLAN, Carmen UZLĂU “New Education” A Determining Factor of Economic Growth in the 21st Century – pg.350
  26. Steluța RADU,Mihaela CONSTANDACHE,Anca Cristina STANCIU Study on the Quality of Fruit Juices Innovated by Adding Rhubarb Extract – pg.359
  27.  Steluța RADU,Mihaela CONSTANDACHE,Liliana NICODIM Improving the Nutritional Value of Foods by Using the Essential Fatty Acids Obtained from Soybean Seeds Through the IR Spectroscopic Method – pg.365
  28. Mihaela RUS,Tănase TASENȚE Taking Over the Rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union by Romania: A Psychosocial Approach  – pg.371
  29. Cristina Mihaela ZAMFIR Unblocking the Route to Success: An NLP Analysis – pg.377
  30. Cristina Mihaela ZAMFIR Pacing and Leading – The Engines of Strengthening Business Rapport – pg.383
  31. Wei-Bin ZHANG Competition versus Monopolistic Competition by Integrating Solow-Uzawa and Dixit-Stiglitz – pg.390

Section IV: Marketing – Management

  1. Nicoleta ALECSANDRESCU, Ionela BUCĂLOIU Correlations Between the Management of the School Organization and the Management of Human Resources – pg.402
  2. Ionel Ciprian ALECU Considerations Regarding Making Ethical Decisions Using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers – pg.408
  3. Camelia BĂEȘU Economic Cycle and Firm Managerial Strategies – pg.415
  4. Codruța Adina BĂLTESCU Tourist Guide Role and Performance – Element of Visiting Experience at a Tourism Destination – pg.421
  5. Codruța Adina BĂLTESCU An Assessment of Online Travel Shopping Among Young People – pg.426
  6. Onorel Petrișor BLIDARU, Daniela SFICHI, Valentin Florin ANDREI Communication in Private and Public Companies – pg.431
  7. Alina-Elena CERCHIA, Alexandra ZAIF Customer Relationship Management in Romanian Banks – pg.440
  8. Raluca-Giorgiana CHIVU, Otilia-Elena PLATON Identification of the Reasons for Buying and Consuming BIO Products by the Romanian Consumers – pg.447
  9. Adrian COSMAN, Monica LOGOFĂTU, Elena Cristina CERNĂTESCU Study on Financial and Outcome Indicators of Education Sector from Romania – pg.454
  10. Daniel DĂNECI-PĂTRĂU Marketing Research on the Competitive Travel Products Design – pg.459
  11.  Daniel DĂNECI-PĂTRĂU Implications of Modern Leadership Styles on Managers’ Organizational Behavior – pg.467
  12. Lorena Florentina DUMITRASCIUC Developing the Self-Confidence of the Romanian Entrepreneurs by Applying the Life Coaching Process – pg.474
  13. Lorena Florentina DUMITRASCIUC The Influence of Entrepreneurial Passion on Success – pg.478
  14. Adriana – Ioana FILIP (CROITORU),Monica – Ioana TOADER, Diana – Nicoleta GEORGESCU Dimensions of Sustainability in Universities. Evolution. Instruments – pg.483
  15. Alexandra-Maria GALAN (DANILEȚ) Going on Digital: A Short Brief of the ICT Firms from Romania – pg.488
  16.  Ramona-Cristina GHIȚĂ, Elmira Cezarina BADEA, Silvia Mioara ILIE A Review: Strategic Analysis of the Variables that Generate the Procedural Crisis in the Change of Organizational Management at the Educational Level – pg.495
  17.  Vasile Petru HAȚEGAN Interdisciplinary Connections of Philosophical Practice with the Business Environment – pg.504
  18.  Mariana JUGĂNARU,Ion Dănuț JUGĂNARU Marketing Activities in the Early Existence of Mamaia Touristic Resort – pg.509
  19.  Dana Adriana LUPȘA-TĂTARU The New Key of Competitive Advantage in Business – pg.515
  20.  Adriana MANOLICĂ, Nicoleta-Roxana GHEȚA, Eliza-Iuliana HOPȘA Assertive and Non-assertive Consumer Behavior Styles in Relation with Advertising Appeals – pg.519
  21. Corina Aurora MARIN (BARBU), Ana Maria DUMITRACHE (ȘERBĂNESCU)Gabriela GHEORGHIU Balneary Tourism Management in Turkey – Comparative Analysis – pg.528
  22. Corina Aurora MARIN (BARBU), Valentina Irena TUDORAN (NICULIȚĂ) Total Quality Management and Performance in the Hotel Industry – pg.534
  23. Ruxandra MARIN,Margareta ILIE Theoretical Studies and Contributions Pertaining to Risk Management in Public Administration – pg.540
  24. Angela-Eliza MICU, Daniel POPA Analysis and Impact of Coaching Strategies for the German Labor Market – pg.544
  25. Angela-Eliza MICU, Ramona Valentina NECULA The Challenges of Increasing the Competitiveness of Human Capital in Public Institutions in Romania, in the Context of the Phenomenon of Globalization – pg.551
  26. Daniela Mihaela NEAMȚU,Cristian-Valentin HAPENCIU,Ruxandra BEJINARU Reflections of Data and Theory of Leadership Communication Strategies – pg.558
  27. Ionuț-Claudiu POPA Competitive in Air Transport Services in the Liberalized Market in Romania – pg.567
  28. Timeea-Alexandra SAVU (SIMIONESCU) Entrepreneurship for Young People – pg.572
  29. Daniela SFICHI, Onorel Petrișor BLIDARU, Valentin Florin ANDREI The Communication Relationship Between Companies and the Public – pg.576
  30. Cătălina SITNIKOV, Anca BĂNDOI, Ionuț RIZA Management of Systems from a Cybernetic Perspective – pg.582
  31. Adrian ȘERBAN-COMĂNESCU Current Consumer Behavior – pg.589
  32. Doina TODORUȚ, Timeea Alexandra SAVU (SIMIONESCU) The Impact of Conflict in Organizational Communication in School Units – pg.598
  33. Cristian VANGHELE Management of the Economic Efficiency of Irrigation – pg.602
  34. Liviu Valentin VLĂDUCU Marketing Strategies in the Field of Electricity – pg.607
  35. Alexandra ZAIF, Alina-Elena CERCHIA Integrating Online Marketing Strategies in B2B Companies – pg.614

Section V: Finance and Accounting

  1. Nicoleta ASALOȘ, Ionel BOSTAN Government Programs Focused on Financial Support for SMEs (2014-2018) – pg.622
  2. Florin BOGHEAN Management Decision Process and Accounting Instruments Used in Decision Analysis – pg.628
  3. Florin BOGHEAN The Role of Financial-Accounting Activities and Practices in Corporate Governance – pg.635
  4. Rebeca Ioana BOSTAN Changes and Historical Evolution of Management Accounting – pg. 640
  5. Lilia CARACICOVSCHI The Organization and the Operation of the Treasury System of the Republic of Moldova – pg.646
  6. Cristian CENAR, Iuliana CENAR Romania’s Monetary Evolution from its Creation until the Great Union – pg.652
  7. Cristian CENAR, Iuliana CENAR National Accounting and the Macroeconomic Informational System – pg.660
  8. Irina CHIRIAC Economic Performance in Merger Operations – pg. 667
  9.  Ioana Cristina CIRCA (BUZDUGA) Aspects Relating to the Perspectives and Management Strategies of the Balanced Scorecard Method – pg.676
  10.  Ioana Cristina CIRCA (BUZDUGA) The Perspective of the Salary Changes Occurring Between 2018 and 2019 and the Impact They Have on the Entities – pg.681
  11.  Carmen COMĂNICIU Is There a Correlation Between the Ease of Doing Business Index and the Haven Score? – pg.686
  12.  Emilia Anuta COROVEI Statistical Analysis of the Dija Index in the Period 2009-2019 – pg.695
  13.  Andreea Claudia CRUCEAN, Camelia Daniela HAȚEGAN The Determinants Factors on Audit Quality: A Theoretical Approach – pg.702
  14.  Adina Elena DĂNULEȚIU The Analysis of the Private Health Insurance Market in Romania – pg.711
  15.  Aurora Elena DINA (MANOLACHE) Solvency II Impact on the Romanian Insurance Industry  – pg.720
  16. Daniel Iulius DOAGĂ Considerations Regarding Tax Evasion and Its Implications – pg.727
  17.  Roxana Florina GLĂVAN,Petru ȘTEFEA Informational Limits of Financial Situations – pg.735
  18. Roxana Florina GLĂVAN,Petru ȘTEFEA Treasury Flow Analysis – pg.740
  19. Alin Teodor HUSERAȘ, Nicolae BALTEȘ Considerations Regarding the Public Budget in Romania – pg.747
  20.  Ioana IGNAT Transfer Pricing – An Analysis from the Romania`s Perspective – pg.755
  21. Flavius Valentin JAKUBOWICZ Conventions to Avoid Double Taxation, Deficient Aspects – pg.766
  22.  Lorand KRALIK, Erzsebet SZASZ VAT – Gap Convergence in Central and Eastern Europe – pg.772
  23. Cristina-Valeria LASLO Study Regarding the Obligation of Financial Accounting Reports Regarding the Merging of the Fiscal Statements of the Economic Agents – pg.779
  24.  Cristina-Valeria LASLO Aspects of Some Changes Regarding the Application of IFRS 16 – pg. 783
  25.  Roxana-Aurelia MÂRȚ, Carmen VÂLCU, Mihaela DUMITRIU An Analysis of the Determinations of Tax Evasion from the Financial – Accounting Perspective – pg.789
  26.  Mihaela-Maria MIHALCEA, Izabela-Diana HADA Empirical Research on the Utility of Financial – Accounting Information in Considering Performance for Stakeholders – pg.798
  27.  Nicoleta-Daniela MILU, Camelia-Daniela HAȚEGAN Transparency Degree of Non-financial Information Disclosure – pg.806
  28.  Marioara MIREA, Ionela MUNTEANU FLOREA,Kamer-Ainur AIVAZ The Impact of the Interest Rate and the Income of the Households on the Dynamics of Bank Deposits – pg.812
  29.  Traian Cristin NICOLAE Aspects Regarding the Use of Information Technology Tools for Processing Accounting Information on Fair Value – pg.819
  30.  Oana OPRIȘAN, Cosmin ȚILEAGĂ International Comparative Studies on Fiscal Behavior – pg.825
  31. Oana OPRIȘAN Romania’s Budget Deficit Between 2017-2018 – pg.833
  32. Mitică PEPI Operational Risk in a Financial Institution  – pg.840
  33. Ioan Cosmin PITU, Bianca Cristina CIOCANEA, Alina Daniela VODA The Influence of the Variation of Taxes and Duties on the National Economy in the Context of Ensuring the Need for Revenues to the State Budget – pg.850
  34.  Luigi POPESCU Evolution of Concepts Regarding Taxation and Taxation Systems – pg.861
  35.  Ilie RĂSCOLEAN, Ileana – Sorina RAKOȘ Bankruptcy Risk Analysis Based on the Patrimonial Balance Sheet – pg.869
  36.  Georgiana-Loredana SCHIPOR (FRECEA) Risks and Opportunities in the Cryptocurrency Market – pg.879
  37. Georgiana-Loredana SCHIPOR (FRECEA) Investing Trust in Blockchain Technology: Bitcoin Case Study v884
  38. Cristi SPULBĂR, Zulfiqar Ali IMRAN, Ramona BIRAU Analyzing Short Term Momentum Effect on Stock Market of Hong Kong. An Empirical Case Study – pg.889
  39. Cosmina Adela STĂNILĂ The Corporate Governance Code of the Bucharest Stock Exchange: Comply or Explain – pg.895
  40. Cosmina Adela STĂNILĂ The Financial Performance Impacted by Corporate Governance – pg.903
  41. Paula-Andreea TERINTE Audit Committee Dimension and Firm Profitability in Central and Eastern European Countries – pg.908
  42. Monica – Ioana TOADER, Adriana – Ioana FILIP (CROITORU), Diana – Nicoleta GEORGESCU General Consideration Regarding the Insurance Field in the Financial Perspective – pg. 916
  43. Adina TRANDAFIR The Biderectional Relationship Between Human Development Index and Economic Growth in Romania – pg.921
  44. Carmen VÂLCU, Roxana Aurelia MÂRȚ, Cristina MOROI The Determining Factors of Creative Accounting – pg.927
  45. Costică VLAD, Adriana Cristina PAVEL SURLARU The Interaction of Economic Decision – pg.934
  46. Costică VLAD, Panait ANGHEL Optimizing a Portfolio Depending on the Attitude Towards Risk – pg.939
  47. Margareta ILIE, Constantin ILIE, Ruxandra MARIN Management Strategies in Circular Economy – pg.944

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